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  The Fast and the Furious Franchise
  The Fast and the Furious Franchise
  Target spot with Taylor Swift
  Fire burn on the new Rihanna Diamond video
  Target spot with Pink
  On the Set working on the New Stalone movie.
  New Green Screen for the Stunt Lab
  Christmas Break from The Last Stand
  American Film Institute action semiar
  Last Stand
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09-27-2013 - The Fast and the Furious Franchise
This is one of the most successful franchises of all time, and we have been involved in this racing and Hot Rod classic from the beginning. We have been involved in Fast 1, Fast 2, Fast 3, Fast 5, Fast 6 and now both Debbie and I are on 2nd, the car chase unit for The Fast and the Furious 7.

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09-27-2013 - The Fast and the Furious Franchise
This is one of the most successful franchises of all time, and we have been involved in this racing and Hot Rod classic from the beginning. We have been involved in Fast 1, Fast 2, Fast 3, Fast 5, Fast 6 and now both Debbie and I are on 2nd, the car chase unit for The Fast and the Furious 7.

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02-28-2013 - Target spot with Taylor Swift
Target brought us back to create a really beautiful swing sequence with the pop singer Taylor Swift.

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02-27-2013 - Fire burn on the new Rihanna Diamond video
We had the opportunity to set up a really nice fire burn on the new Rihanna music video.

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02-27-2013 - Target spot with Pink

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12-02-2012 - On the Set working on the New Stalone movie.
Back with Action legend Sylvester Stalone on his new feature film.

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05-26-2012 - Innovation!
Here is the new Carbon X hood I\'ve helped design for the Design 500 company. It\'s the first Carbon X hood with flame resistant Pyrex eye lenses, to protect the stunt performers eyes during body burn stunts.

This new hood features extra long skirts front and back, and is cut to help prevent fogging, and have good clearance for self contained breathing systems, popular with stuntmen.

The price on this new hood ranges just under $200 dollars, and can be ordered though our Leavittation office.

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04-20-2012 - New Green Screen for the Stunt Lab
The Stunt Lab has been teaming up with Mogal Manufacturing, one of the industries major motion picture suppliers. Developing a new green screen system for use in all size studios. This professional quality screen allows us to host green screen shoots right inside the Stunt Lab\'s flying area. Which is very handy, because a lot of spaces will not support flying people.

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12-19-2011 - Christmas Break from The Last Stand
We have been busy during our Christmas break from the new Arnold Movie. Our Stuntlab has been used for a Green Screen Stage for a rock video and for motorcycle training for the actors on the next Borne movie.

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12-05-2011 - American Film Institute action semiar
StuntLab hosted an action seminar for the American Film institute, where we provided an insight as to how a producer or director can adopt bigger action sequences into their projects. Our stunt team performed airbag highfalls, a stuntfight with wire work, and airramp demonstration and a full body burn stunt.

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12-05-2011 - Last Stand
Its been a real pleasure to be involved with the new feature film The Last Stand, starring Arnold in his first leading role back from being California Governor. The show also has JackAss creator and star Johnny Knoxville as one of the stars.
Both these guys are amazing and a lot of fun to work with.

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10-14-2011 - New Carbon X line of fire resistant stunt wear
We are in the process of developing a new line of Carbon X fire resistant under garments for stunt work. We are cooperating with one the countries most enthusiastic safety garment companies.

They are very receptive and motivated to create the finest line of fire resistant undergarments ever produced for motion picture stunt work.

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10-11-2011 - French documentary film
We had the pleasure of hosting a French documentary film project, interested in Hollywood stunts, visit our Stuntlab. We performed some fire burns, did some airbag high falls and recreated the window stunt, that won best highwork at the last world stunt awards.

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10-08-2011 - Seagrams Vodka
Our stunt crew helped put together a Vodka commercial at Universal Studios for the new whip cream flavored Seagrams Vodka. In the spot, we rigged a swing in the middle of a group of dancers, who are supposed to be in a very high brow party.

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09-27-2011 - Stuntlab photo shoot, for Chinese add campaign
Our stuntlab production facility was host to a recent photo shoot, for the largest internet provider of China. Kung Fu masters fight in the add, our stuntlab was chosen because we could provide excellent support for the photographer.

The Stuntllab could provide the hospitality, production support and the staging needed for the shoot.

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07-30-2011 - Innovative Stunts on Odd Thomas ghost story in New Mexico
Our stunt team provided technical support and creativity , to put together an innovative Ghost story sequence. For the upcoming feature film Odd Thomas. Starring Anton Yelchin, who was the actor who played the young John Conner in T-4.

The Odd Thomas ghost story project was based at the well equipped, nicely laid out Gretta Garson studios. Located in the center of Santa Fe New Mexico.

In the sequence, we did something quite unique and that I believe has never been done before. We motivated large objects, a refrigerator and a stove by winch and then ratchets, to propel a stuntman with a ratchet looking effect, only without the use of a vest and cable on the stuntman.

How did we do it? Anton\'s stunt double, Chris Brewster is an accomplished Parkor athlete. His talent, and precise timing, allowed us to drop the conventional jerk vest and cable rig. And to try something completely different.

We used our exclusive Soft Pull Ratchet system, to precisely control the power and the mass of moving refrigerator to motivate Chris flying across the set. Sending him crashing through a set of pantry doors, and into the pantry shelves. Leaving him in a big heap of food, glass and boxes on the floor of the pantry.

The effect looked exactly like a ratchet pull, but it wasn\'t! It was the power, mass acceleration of the cable pulled refrigerator and Chris\'s precise timing off the refrigerator that sent Chris flying across the set. Not a cable pull through a vest and harness system like we normally see. Because the stunt double was actually being hit and pushed by the fridge, it brought power and realism not possible by simply timing a camera angle hit.

The fridge and stove are supposedly propelled by the ghost, so the effect had to look like the fridge and stove where being pushed with a supernatural growing force. Not the normal appearance of a ratchet pull, which in non-linear.

After being tossed into the pantry, Odd Thomas gets up and tries to escape through a open door. The ghost then pushes the stove hitting Odd Thomas at high speeds causing him to fly over the rapidly moving stove similar to a car hit. As the stove quickly moves across the kitchen to block the door and his escape. Which is again pulled by one of our cable systems.

Great Effects of Santa Fe was amazing with their support and help in this sequence. They provided everything we might have needed and more to pull this difficult sequence together. Stunt Coordinator Al Goto as always, is a wonderful and gracious boss.

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07-30-2011 - Southland 160 high fall wins Emmy Award for best stunt coordinator
Our buddy Peewee Piemonte won this years Emmy Award for Best Stunt Coordinator. For the jump from buinding to building, which leads into a 160 foot desender high fall on the TV series Southland. We are very pleased to have been a part of the team that helped put this amazing sequence together.

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07-09-2011 - New Ultra Stunt Mini Tramp system
We are excited to announce our new Ultra Stunt Mini Tramp system. This new mini tramp is ideal for motion picture and TV work, because of its smaller overall design. Yet it still packs a powerful punch for the experienced or novice jumper.

Being so small, it hides better from camera, and is easier to move and transport than traditional mini tramp systems. It features adjustable front legs to change jumping angles, fully padded springs, and a webbing reenforced bed.

It also features our unique, new and innovative \"Unit Construction\" Bed, spring and pad design. Or the mini tramp can be ordered with a conventional spring, pad and bed configuration if you prefer traditional mini tramps.

Rental price- $150. a day $350. per week
Purchase price- $ $950.

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06-04-2011 - AT&T commercial
Our stunt rigging team put together a flying system in front of a greenscreen at Big Picture studio in Burbank for an upcoming AT&T commercial. Pitching the AT&T wireless internet access system, which we actually use for our business.

In the spot, a businesswoman, levitates up from a table and chair, then floas through a park while accessing the mobile AT&T cellular system.

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05-25-2011 - Money Supermarket.com commercial for England
Our stunt crew put together the surfing action for a TV commercial for the popular English website Money Supermarket.com. We rigged an overhead wire system to support actor Darren Richardson so he could act, while riding the wave machine at the Wave House in San Diego.

We also gave the stunt double some big airtime, off the top of the manmade wave. The sequence was extra tricky, because the commercial required the actor and the double to ride the wave on a blow up alligator.

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05-21-2011 - Dungeon Seige 3 commercial
We had some fun doing some wire and sword work, for the new commercial for Dungeon Seige 3.

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05-17-2011 - Debbie wins her 7th Red Bull Taurus World Stunt Award
The stunt team from Date Night won the 2011 Taurus World Stunt Award for best work with a vehicle. The action packed sequence, featured two cars hooked together, an Audi Sports can and a Taxi.

For the sequence, the FX department build special rear drive cars, allowing the drivers to reverse drive the stunt cars. This made for some very innovative and unique action.

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05-09-2011 - One Man Army
For the new TV series \"One Man Army\" our stunt rigging team helped create a traverse rig. In the show, the contestants traverse down these ropes, run to a firing position and then live fire pistols at steel targets. The idea being is to see how well their marksmanship holds up, after an extreme workout.

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05-09-2011 - Toyota commerical
Our stunt crew helped put together a car commercial, introducing the new Toyota Prius stationwagon.

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04-21-2011 - Green Dot films, Reese\\\'s Puffs commercial
Our stunt team did a fun tweeny spot for Reese\\\'s Puffs cereal. The concept had young teenage actors falling into a club, where all the kids are dancing and eating Reese\\\'s Puffs breakfast cereal.

In the spot, we descended at high speed young actors from the breakfast table into the Reese\'s Puffs club. The set-up included a trap door rig, where we controlled the fall of one young actor under the stage and onto a sofa set. Then another onto a DJ Disco booth.

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04-17-2011 - Stunt Car Show benefit for injured stunt performer, Lisa Hoyle
The stunt community hosted a car and motorcycle show for injured stunwoman Lisa Hoyle. Who is recovering from a horrible injury on the set.

Alan Robinson put the benefit show together for Lisa in a whirlwind 2 week organizational blitz. The turnout was fantastic, considering the quickness! Some really amazing cars came to the show, plus we all had a wonderful time getting together.

Lisa made a special appearance riding into the show, in a nice white Caddy convertible.

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04-12-2011 - Nor-Cal, Carr Ranch Moto-Trial competition
Our Moto-Trial Stunt Team traveled to Northern California for our first competition event in 4 years. This event is part of our training and preparation for the 2011 USA High School Moto-Trial Championship That Daniel Leavitt is contesting this school year.

To our knowledge, Daniel is the first American Student, to use the US High School Moto-Trial championship as a credited P.E. course. The Carr Ranch event provided the perfect testing, training and preparation for the upcoming Texas opening rounds.

Moto-Trials is an amazing sport for preparing someone for
Stunt Work. Its very technical, requires amazing timing, finesse, physical fitness, planning, and willpower.

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04-12-2011 - Tide commercial at Manhattan Beach Studios
Here is a peek at the Tide commercial shoot, just completed by our stunt team.

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03-30-2011 - Hitting on Destiny feature teaser
Our stunt team just completed a 6 day shoot, helping create some fun fight and gun play sequences for a Feature Teaser, called Hitting on Destiny.

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03-30-2011 - Sony Commercial shoot
Our Stunt Team just did another commercial at Sony Pictures. We provided a wire assist for the hanging of an actor as two other shook him down looking for money.

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03-18-2011 - Ejection seat and rocket pack commercial
Our stunt team simulated a rocket flying pack and an ejection seat for an up coming TV commercial. Using our Fisher Motion Control FLYING MAN winch, we simulated these two interesting effects.

This innovative piece of equipment allows us to move people quickly and smoothly. All with the push of one button, then the computer takes over and moves the performer to with in 1/100 th of an inch of the end mark.

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03-02-2011 - New Stunt Lab Drift Car Lift.
To better service our fleet of Drift cars, we have just installed a new Bend Pack 4 post car lift. The new lift also gives us more floor space and offers some interesting multi level staging options for shooting Rock Videos, Movies and TV shows.

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02-25-2011 - Feb. 25th Stunt Lab
The Feb. 25th Stunt Lab test a new concept which has never been tried before. An adjustable surface tension port-a-pit cover. The idea is to be able to eliminate the crack in the middle of the pad, and also be able to adjust the softness and stiffness of the catcher. Which allows, tuning for bigger and smaller jumpers.

We wrapped up the work in the Lab early, then move the whole Stunt Lab crew, to Trinity Classical Academy in Santa Clarita. Where Anthony De Longis, Jason McNeil and David Baker who do Deadliest Warrior TV series. Gave an educational and entertaining seminar on the 5000 year history of the sword.

They laid out how the sword, evolved and improved over the centuries. And how the history of the sword is really the mankind.

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02-24-2011 - German TV show Red! Stars, lifestyle and more at Stunt Lab
Host German Actor Wayne Carpendale of the popular German language TV show Red, lifestyle and more was in Hollywood for the Oscar show. They came to shoot a sequence of their TV show at our Stunt Lab with Grind House star Zoe Bell.

Zoe trained Wayne in the fine art of studio fighting, which ended in the shows host being pulled in an aggressive wire pull stunt. Our stunt team, also set Wayne on fire, which adds to our list of actors who have been torched at the Stunt Lab.

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02-23-2011 - Moto Cam Red on the action unit, for the Common Law TV series
Our custom built, Moto Cam Red, action tracking vehicle was used on the TV series Common Law. To capture some really amazing foot chase scenes. We shot using the popular new Red Cam digital platform.

The new Moto Cam Red, tracking vehicle, has been speically designed and rigged to be particularly effective with the new digital movie cameras. Its particulally friendly to cameras like the popular Red Cam and the new Arri digital.

Our Moto Cam Red is very nimble and uses a softer power delivery system than previous Moto Cam designs. The suspension, body work, grip package and chassis, are also purpose built for digital movie and TV production.

It incorporates many unique operator friendly features. Which makes the Moto Cam Red fun to work from. This fun factor produces some amazing footage.

The Moto Cam Red, features a very comfortable work deck. Thats because its fully padded making it a lot easier to get the lens down on the deck, for those low angle action shots so many directors love.

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02-16-2011 - Dutch fire burn
American stuntman Chuck Borden put together a nice fire burn using our new and innovative Fire Ice, heat barrier stunt gel for a Dutch photo shoot.

Chuck has immigrated to Holland after working here in the USA for many years. We did about a half dozen movies together, in the day. Now he is tearing it up in Europe!

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02-15-2011 - 160 foot high fall
Pee Wee Piemonte had us come out and help Andy Dylan perform a difficult 160 foot high fall. The fall was shot in a master, where Andy jumps from one building to another and misses. Andy Slams the side of the building, they falls 160 feet on a cable rig, all shot in a master.

For the rehearsals, we crammed in a 15x20x7 foot airbag into the alley. Which looked like a postage stamp from 160 feet, yet this was the biggest airbag we could fit into the alley.

For the actual stunt, we pulled the airbag and Andy bravely jump from one build to the other. Slamming himself into the side of the opposing building, then immediately he fell 160 feet with out the safety of the airbag under him.

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02-07-2011 - Kyle Yeager fire burn stunt
Stuntman Kyle Yeager used our professional fire burn supplies, to perform this nice body burn. He was nice enough to send us this picture of the stunt. So I decided to share it with everyone.

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02-04-2011 - Technical trial for high falls on fire into the new GUARD RAIL AIRBAG SYSTEM
Our Feb. 4th Stunt Lab session, addressed the basic technical questions concerning a fall while on fire. Using the new guard rail airbag system. These questions included,

Surface tension required for a covered airbag
Vent performance while covered
Fire resistant tarp size needed to protect bag
Evacuation of the stunt performer from bag
Procedures for putting out the body burn

Our simulated fire burn and fall session, answered conclusively, that indeed, we are able to perform a successful high fall while on fire with the new guard rail airbag.

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01-28-2011 - New Guard rail airbag test day
Our new innovative (guard rail) airbag system was put to the test at the January 28th Stunt Lab high fall session. The concept of this new airbag is to take airbag technology to the next level, by having a guard rail system around the falling area.

This non venting guard rail is designed, to give jumpers added protection from rolling off the air cushion. While the vented section of the airbag is designed to give jumpers a smoother overall landing. This is done by offering an extra large progressive air release system for the vents, which are place on all four sides of the airbag, allowing large volumes of air to rush out of the airbag, giving an extra smooth landing.

Our test session, included vent and blower tuning. Plus some very interesting off center, pad protected landing tests. Which is normally considered a NO, NO, on any airbag landing.

We purposely decided to push the envelope in our stunt lab test session, so we had our handy-dandy stunt team fall off center, right on the side, and then over the edge of the airbag, to see how it would respond.

The Guard Rail system works! We still don\'t suggest falling off center into any airbag. However this new guard rail design, does add a considerable amount of protection for the stunt performer.

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01-23-2011 - Flying system for I need a doctor music video
Our stunt team put together a cool multiple axis, harnessless flying system for the interior scenes of the new mega hit, I need a doctor. For superstars, Dr.Dre and Grammy nominated Eminem This song, hit number one on I-Tunes almost instantly after its release.

Our location was in downtown Los Angles at the old Edison underground electric plant. This historic plant has been cleverly remodeled as a retro/Tesla-ish 19th century hi-tech looking themed night club.

We installed a truss support system, and the harnessless flying system. That adjusts angles and heights, on the fly, to make certain the Dr. Dre was very comfortable. Yet allows the DP and director as much lead way and adjustments to their shot as possible.

The best part of the two days work, was in the club, their jumbo TV sets had the Packers/Bears game on while we rigged. So we actually got paid to watch the big play off game.

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01-21-2011 - New Green Screen facility
An early sneak peek at test day one of the new Stunt Lab green screen facility. Using a unique 3 axis no harness flying system.

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01-17-2011 - Panasonic 3D camera test
Our camera bike was used for a motorcycle sequence to test the new Panasonic 3D Camera. This camera is very unique, because its an honest 3D double lens camera.

We ran a stedi-cam arm off the back and front, of our insert bike. With Debbie on her 800cc Triumph Bonniville, as the subject being filmed. It was an interesting and educational day.

3D, requires completely different techniques that normal 2D work. Because there are two focal points instead of one. It not only requires different camera techniques but the stunt performer also has to find different marks than on a 2D shoot. So we learned quite a lot about 3D film making.

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01-17-2011 - Whipped Pilot
Our action director buddy Spiro Razatos directed a new TV Pilot called Whipped for the producers of the popular TV series, Wipe Out.

We did a ton of car stunts, using our camera bike insert vehicle to trac a lot of the car action. Daniel helped as a P.A. while C.K. Kelly rode along on the sidehack as my grip and camera safety man.

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01-17-2011 - Swiss TV
January 14th a Swiss TV crew used our Stunt Lab to shoot a sequence of an upcoming TV Swiss show. Their show features a Swiss stuntman, who comes to the US, to learn the fine art of motion picture stunt work.

Their Swiss stuntman, participating in our Stunt Lab, became a sequence for this show. Allowing him to participate in our science projects, we where able to explain, that stunt work is not just doing stunts. Its also creating better and safer techniques and hardware.

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01-12-2011 - New You Tube videos
We have a couple of new You Tube videos, featuring some of our new contrasting technologies. One high tech, showing our new Indi Airramp/Nitrogen ratchet combination. The other featuring our refinement of the age old stunt tool, the mini trampoline.

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12-14-2010 - 2011 US High School Moto-Trial Championship
The Stuntrev Motorcycle trials Team has decided to jump back into Major Moto-Trials competition. By having Daniel Leavitt contest the 2011 US High School Moto-Trial Championship.

Our Team has not been competing for a few years due to Debbies on set injuries and our focus on the stunt business. So its with great excitement that we again jump back into top level motorcycle competition.

We feel that national championship competition for Daniel will help prepare him for his full time launch into the stunt profession. He turns 18 next year, and will be able to work as an adult.

Instead of playing High School basketball for PE, Daniel has decided to contest the US Moto-Trial Championship, work on his martial arts, skateboarding, his gymnastics and tumbling skills.

His High School, Trinity Classical Academy is allowing him to use the US Moto-Trial High School Championship as his Physical Education class and credits. To our knowledge its the first time in history that a US high school student has been able to use the US Moto-Trial Championship for High School credits.

His Sponsor for this years High School Championship, will be GAS GAS USA. Daniel will ride the new 2011 300cc GAS GAS PRO competition model. Which features all Magnesium cases, Olin rear shock, different wheels and adjustable compression ratio combustion chamber.

This amazing machine is the lightest production Moto-Trial motorcycle in the world. Weighing it at under 145 pounds. Which makes it an excellent trick riding platform, and is used by many of the worlds top professional trick riders including Julian Dupont.

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12-05-2010 - Show Biz Expo
Our new camera bike received some excellent exposure at the 2010 Show Biz Expo. At the busy LA convention center downtown near the Staple center.

The booth, had an excellent location, right in the center of the show, with corner exposure. The bike drew a lot of attention, and some work on an upcoming motorcycle feature project.

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11-13-2010 - American Film Institute comes to the Stunt Lab
Caroline Day brought the Stunt Lab an interesting but tricky experiment to work out for the American Film Institute. The stunt required an actress to hang herself in an attempted suicide, then be rescued. All to be performed without a stunt doubles, which means the two actors must perform their own stunts.

This required our rigging team to create a lifting system using a block and tackle device, with a lock and quick release. Then our stunt team needed to block and perform the stunt safely time after time. Then train the two actors to safely perform the hang and the cut and release.

It might sound simple, but hanging effects are always tricky to pull off in a safe and believable way. Adding the cut away and drop of both actors made the stunt double difficult.

Location, location, location, the final test for the American Film Institute will be moving the act to their practical location. The Stunt Lab team proved the concept can be done and could be crafted on a normal stage. Their location is a practical home, with standard ceiling height and framing construction.

The American Film Institutes test will be recreating the successful experiment under practical conditions and location.

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11-13-2010 - New Indi airramp and combo package update
Here are some updated pictures of the new Indi Airramp/ Nitrogen ratchet combo system. Which is the most versatile and cost effective stunt package ever developed.

This one kit provides state of the art stunt technology anywhere in the world, quickly and cost effectively. With the newest and most versatile combination of airramp and ratchet design available anywhere.

Rental price for the airramp/ratchet combo package is $300 per day $900 per week.

Introductory sale price for the airramp/ratchet combo package is $11,500 dollars. Which is subject to change because of rising supplier prices.

Airramp and power unit price without nitrogen ratchet. $8500. US dollars, price subject to change because of rising supplier prices.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMeBqHf5EnY You can view our new video of the Indi airramp/ ratchet combo on youtube.

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11-12-2010 - Desperate Housewives
Desperate Housewives coordinator Wally Crowder, gave a very large group of stunt performers 6 days work creating a riot for the popular network TV series. Desperate is now in its 7th season and has just surpassed Baywatch as the most viewed TV show.

Our team created a human shield between the actors and the 400 back ground artists, hired to create the effect of a mob of people getting out of control.

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10-27-2010 - Stuntacular Halloween show benifiting Make a Wish Foundation
The 7th annual Halloween Stuntacular show, benefiting the Make a Wish Foundation. Is featuring our new and innovative slack line desender system. For the grand entrance of Ironman.

Our Stunt Lab team is supporting this charity show with both equipment and personal. Tree Otoole, a Stunt Lab regular is performing as Spiderman in the show. Tree is a regular, starring in many of our Stunt Lab videos.

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10-22-2010 - Fast and Furious 5
The street racing movie series FF5 has been accessing a lot of our state of the art stunt technology. Including our state of the art new desender systems.

Originally built by Branum Enterprises and Lane using the Lane Leavitt design as a joint effort. Exclusively for a 4 line 1000 feet long slide for life traverse in Peru.

These machines are currently the worlds most advanced desender design. The versatile analog wire control system make stunts possible that have never been seen before.

The system does use Alan Bradley computer technology for the return system power conversions. The falling system however is 100% analog control over the cable ramp down. Which makes for an extremely solid, dependable, and versatile system.

The desender can run on either 110 volts or 220 volts 3 phase power. The 110 volt system is perfect for most stunts, and can return the payload quickly to the number one position. The 220 volt 3 phase system can also be used as a winch, with 0 to 4 feet per second performance.

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10-21-2010 - Wipeout TV show
Wipeout the 3rd most popular game show in the world. Has devised one of their new games using one of our high speed motion control winches.

We are not allowed to talk in detail, about how they used it. We can say, the computerized winch allowed them to repeat a 10 feet per second horizontal move along a wire, exactly the same for each contestant.

Our motion control winch systems, can move or lift people either by manual joy stick or computerized move. Repeating each move in the computer within one tenth of an inch each time.

If offers adjustable speeds, adjustable ramp up and ramp down, and acceleration. Another unique feature is that the winches are OSHA approved for lifting and moving people.

These machines feature mechanical hard stops both top and bottom, for addition safety. Which means the machine will shut itself down, if the person on the winch gets to close to either the top or bottom of a lift or drop. These hard stops override the computer or joy stick, adding an additional layer of safety.

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10-17-2010 - New Mexico Blood Brothers featrue flim helicoptor sequence
Our world famous stunt design team just completed some very high action helicopter stunts. For the World Wrestling Entertainment studios feature film Blood Brothers. Starring WWE wrestling superstar John Cena.

A remote New Mexico canyon location, chosen by production. Reminded me a lot of working on the Stallone movie Cliffhanger. Shot in the mid 1990s in the Italian Dolimite mountains. Both projects involved technical and logistical expertise not required in or around the normal studio shoot.

The steep canyon and cliffs of the remote location created a logistics nightmare for the company. With only one side of the canyon accessible by 4 wheel drive vehicle, and the bottom and opposite side of the canyon accessible only by foot. Made deploying camera, needed support gear and actors very time consuming.

Not even the helicopter used in the scene could access the location, except to hover above it. So logistical support could not even be provided by the air.

The one exception, all sides and the bottom of the canyon could be accessed by a highly specialized trials motorcycle with our expert trials rider/rigger on board. This allowed the stunt department the advantage of rapidly accessing both sides and the bottom of the location. With both the material and expertise needed to quickly span and rig the canyon for the stunts.

Which consisted of a two overhead support lines, travelers and a belay system for the doubles and actors to go up and down the ropes, simulating repels down from the helicopter.

The original plan by production, was to actually repel from the chopper. Which after testing at a local airport the day before, proved impossible. Because of a lack of helicopter control due to high winds and weight limitations of the Bell Jet Ranger cast in the scene.

Without the availability of a trials motorcycle and our experienced rider/rigger making quick access to all of the mountain possible. It simply would have been impossible to rig and perform the scripted action on this remote mountain location within the time scheduled.

This sudden change of plan would either require another day of shooing at the remote mountain location. Or a rapid rig, deployment and rehearsal of a major stunt not budgeted or planned at this location.

All this extra work, had to be performed with no additional time or manpower, and whatever equipment could be found overnight in New Mexico. Under normal working conditions, the sequence would take 4 days to pull off.

We had two half days to safely rig and perform two major stunt sequences, normally requiring 4 days work. This would not have been remotely possible without our extensive, rough terrain motorcycle experience, which gave us rapid access to all critical operational points of this remote New Mexico canyon location.

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09-27-2010 - Rihanna music video
For a new Rihanna music video, our stunt team created a vintage looking back yard style swing rig for the R+B legend. High winds hampered the shoot, up on a desolate Grapevine location.

This created some havoc, so our swing rig with our talent was guided by tag lines. This created a stable platform for our talent and allowed us to control all aspects of her swing.

We also used 1/8 inch steel cable safeties connected to a harness under her costume. So no matter the circumstances, we had total control over Rihanna\'s safety.

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09-14-2010 - New Indi airramp and versatile combo package
We have just developed a new and unique airramp system. Introducing the Indi airramp! Its extremely smooth, and features an exclusive strait rate power delivery, which can offer many advantages over other airrams.

This new strait rate power delivery curve, is perfect for training new jumpers. Plus this new airramp is excellent for throwing and learning new tricks.

Its not just a training or a trick airramp! Its on the set performance is also off the charts. Simply because its unique design, allows for variable flight curves and arcs. This means that this new airramp is versatile enough for all, on the set conditions a stunt performer might encounter.

Unique design features-

* A low profile, making it easier to hide from the camera.
*Maximum performance in low head clearance
*Ideal for crashing through windows or doors.
*Light weight, making it easier to travel.
*The Perfect beginner airramp.
*Excellent performance for the expert performer.
*Flexible flight arcs, either high or low.
*Large trigger area, making the approach easier.
*Metric or English controls.
*Rental price $150. per day or $500. per week
*Introductory purchase price $8500. USD, Prices subject to change due to rising supplier prices.

Indi Airramp/Calibrated soft pull ratchet combo set.

We can also create a versatile combo package! Containing the new Indi airramp, with the worlds most versatile nitrogen ratchet system, our 48 inch stroke, calibrated soft pull nitrogen ratchet.

Our calibrated, soft pull ratchet is the most refined nitrogen ratchet system available. It provides the softest take offs and most controlled pulls.

The combo package will provide reliable, versatile and believable state of the art action sequences for the stunt professional.

*Ratchet/airramp combo rental price $300. per day $900. week
*Ratchet/airramp combo package, introductory purchase price $11,500. USD, prices subject to change due to rising supplier prices.

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09-13-2010 - Professional fire safety supples available for purchase
Our state of the art, professional fire stunt safety products and accessories are now available for the first time. For safety reasons, they are only available to professional stunt performers and qualified Special Effects crew.

We now offer-

Fire Ice, heat barrier gels, our exclusive clear,non-toxic stunt gels. These new gels, come in three formulas,

Our Nomex/Carbon X blend, which allows maximum fire gel drenching of protective underwear. This formula provides a superior hear barrier under the costume during fire stunts. Its cost effective and is very stable, which means it has a very long shelf life. It can even be carried in your stunt bag, perhaps for years before going bad.

Its perfect for that unexpected fire scene that might pop up on the set. Adding a new level of safety for any prepared stunt professional. All at an amazingly low cost, when you consider the cost of not being prepared for exposure to heat or flame during a stunt.

Price $75.00 Per gallon

Price $25.00 For the handy 16 ounce, store in your stunt bag jar. A must have for every prepared professional.

Our exclusive Hand and face mix- this unique fire gel blend is clear, and is the only stunt gel that has a non-reflective matte finish. Why this is so important, is it makes the heat barrier very difficult for camera to see.

On set, gelled up and protected actors have even fooled ADs and camera crews to the extent. That the AD has stopped and said, OK we can now gel up the actor, even though they have been doing previous scenes already stunt gelled up.

This gel is what we use to perform our Naked Fire Burns with. These burns push the envelope of what has been done in the past, and create new and amazing fire effects. Under ideal conditions we have done naked fire burns on the skin for over 10 minutes with this gel. Results do very, depending on conditions and extreme caution must be used during these Naked Burn stunts, and is definitely not for the beginner.

Price $125.00 per gallon

Spray gel- Our unique spray gel is the quickest easiest way to keep stunt people or actors safe. Its perfect for the fast touch up, or multiple takes. It allows a quick spritz of the performer, providing a fast and effective way to cover any gaps in their protection. For high output spray bottle and 16oz of gel.

Price $75.00

Carbon X protection always in stock when you need it-

We keep in stock a complete inventory of the new high tech Carbon X fire resistant underwear, socks, hoods, gloves and sleeves.

Sizes- small, med, Large, XL, and XXL. Both tops and bottoms, competitively priced. We also accept Master Card and Visa payments.

We also stock-
Carbon X- hoods, Socks, sleeves, gloves and protective blankets.

Our other unique fire stunt safety accessories-

*Life like fire resistant silicone cast hands and faces. Offered in both mens and womens sizes. Call for prices, these are expensive because they are hand crafted by professional make-up FX artists. Always in stock, but are priceless when you really need them.

*Plastic suits- used between the gelled underwear and the costume. To protect the costume from bleed through of protective stunt gels. So that the costume remains dry looking for camera.

*Our unique under suit mini breather system, used for massive full burns or in polluted burning sets where its impossible for the stunt performer to breath without an on board under costume breathing system. Used under a silicone face mask, it allows long full burns where the performer can breath, yet have lung protection from the fire and flame.

Another innovative development with this system is the ability to prep the performer while on air. In the past, the air supply was limited inside the suit. With our system, the performer has an unlimited supply of air during the preparation stages of the stunt.

What this means to the performer and prep crew, is the need to rush because of a limited air supply inside the suit is eliminated. The stunt crew can now focus on preparation for the full burn, instead of racing against the clock. Because the performer always has a full tank of air inside the suit, when they start the stunt.

This adds to the level of safety three fold! One it takes the pressure off the prep crew to rush. Next, the performer always has on board a full tank of air, instead of a partial tank of air at the start of the full burn. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the performer can relax and breath deeply during the preparations stages of the full burn. They no longer need to preserve their air supply inside their suit. Which allows them to prepare mentally, breath deep and not worry about running out of air during their full burn stunt.

*Our NEW and exclusive, Complete fire safety crew kits. These amazing kits include compete head to toe, plus eye protection for the fire safety crew. This safety kit also includes our innovative and exclusive breathing system to protect the safety crew from air borne pollution during fire stunts caused by burning sets and toxic fuels.

*Body burn fuels

*Cold Fire fire extinguisher systems

*Co2 Fire extinguishers

*Costume treatment- Fire Off or Fire Block

We are your only one stop shop, for all your professional fire stunt safety needs.

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08-25-2010 - New Stuntlab slide for life video.
Our Stuntlab team has just created and produced a new youtube video, based on a rigging idea Lane had while on location for Fast and Furious 5. The concept uses our innovative mark 3 desender to create a unique and different slide for life effect on a single slack line.

What is unique and different about this rigging idea, is the concept of NOT using the traditional tight top slide for life line. But instead using a single slack top line as both support and speed control for the stuntman.

Traditional slide for life rigs, use a tight top line, with either a brake system on the traveling skate. Or a second speed control line on the skate or the stuntman to slow them down at the bottom. This new rigging concept uses the slack top line as both top support and braking all in a single line system.

The idea was proposed by Lane to the stuntlab team leader over the phone. Then the concept was rigged in the stuntlab by the stuntlab team. Shot on video, edited and produced by our production team, then downloaded on Youtube. All while our team was spread all over the globe.

This is the first exercise, of our global organization and development skills on a technical and production level. The stuntlab team proved that they are now capable of stunt design, production and development of both evolutionary and revolutionary, hardware, systems, organization and production concepts anytime and anywhere, 24/7.

To view this new stunt concept and video, go to Youtube and search for Stuntlab, slack line desenderator.

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07-22-2010 - Lane Leavitt car flipper system
Another rig Lane is doing for the major US motion picture, is his air powered car flipper. He developed this idea in the late 1980s before CGI became popular.

Today with the ease of CGI removal of revealed rig parts, this car flipper idea is becoming popular. With the car flipper, its possible to roll a car standing still, going strait, backwards, in traffic, or on a sliding 90. creating a lot of new action never seen before on screen.

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07-22-2010 - Car rigging for major US motion picture
Lane is currently on a major US motion picture production doing stunt design and automotive rigging and safety. Along with some ND driving.

These pictures are of a drivable box, which has a shortened Chevy pickup inside it. The rig has 4 wheel steering and can be driven by a stuntman, our job was to create a ducted radiator system that channeled all the engine heat and fumes outside the box.

This was accomplished by creating a enclosed duct system for the engine and the radiator, isolating the driver from the engine and radiator system. Which originally vented inside the box with the driver causing great discomfort.

To create a safe driving environment,we installed a Parker pumper system, so that the driver could breath outside fresh air inside a special ducted fan helmet. A system originally developed for the off-road racing circuit.

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07-20-2010 - Flypaper
Our stunt lab team just returned from a 4 week shoot for the new comedy feature Flypaper. We rigged and performed several cool stunts, including a cable fall, an airramp explosion, and some cable slides.

Stunt lab team members Bill Leaman and Kim Koskie both doubled lead actors on the project. Then also helped with the rigging and stunt design on the project. While Lane was the master rigger and rigging coordinator for the project.

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07-03-2010 - Stunt Lab innovations
We are always on the search for new and innovative systems for stunt work. Our latest breakthrough is the hi-bred, nitrogen ratchet/hand pull combo system. This unique new system allows the best of both worlds.

Now a stunt performer can either be hand pulled or nitrogen ratcheted in the same system. Which allows for a best of both techniques approach to wire work.

To our knowledge nobody has ever before combined both wire work art forms into one rig. The new system seamlessly converts between either a nitrogen ratchet pull or a manual wire pull system without a re-rig.

Which means a stunt performer can now be danced on a Hong Kong style hand pull, then effortlessly pulled via a nitrogen ratchet in the same shot.

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06-10-2010 - Exclusive Indoor Airramp
We used our exclusive Indoor Airramp for an upcoming Pilot, where a stuntwomen is required to break through a set of Candy glass french doors. Why this airramp is unique to the industry, is because it is designed to be used in low head clearance sets. Where ordinary airramps or airrams will cause a danger of hitting the performers head, either on the ceiling, on the top of the door, or window frame.

This machine is amazing for throwing the performer long and low, because it does not create the sudden pop off the start that many airrams often do. Which can be a dangerous situation if the performer has a low head clearance situation on the set.

The power delivery is unique, the Indoor Airramp is of course very smooth and progressive, which allows for a nice ride. But most important, its power delivery enables the stunt performer to control their flight trajectory with much more precision than a normal airram.

This makes it the perfect tool for working indoors, for crashing out a window, or through a doorway. No other airramp system provides this much precision and confidence for the performer working in tight sets.

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06-09-2010 - Motion Picture stunt design package

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06-01-2010 - New fire resistant womens fire burn hands
We are very excited to have finally cast and produced a set of small hands for ladies fire burn stunts. The extreme expense of development, has until now prevented us from casting and producing smaller life like fire gloves until now. We believe that they might be the only female life like fire burn gloves available in the industry worldwide.

We have been forced in the past to put full size mens hands on women for fire burn stunts, which has always looked awkward for a stuntwomen to have mans hands. So we are very excited to finally have a set of silicone fire burn hands for stunt women to make fire stunts safer.

In our pictures, you can see the difference in size between the mans hands and the ladies version. The womens hands are petite and have been expertly cast and molded to be as invisible as possible to camera, even for close up shots.

Our model for these hand molds, had very young looking hands. So these new silicone gloves can also be used for youth stunts, which opens up quite a few new possibilities for exciting new action sequences in the future.

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05-21-2010 - Just for Men
Grady Bishop, head of the east coast, Extreme stunt driving and camera car team. Brought the Leavittation stunt design experts to Boston. Where we created a really long high speed zip line run. For the new, Just for Men hair color commercial.

The job was in Boston, at a brand new $200 million dollar Bio-Tech high rise building. We utilized a 3rd floor balcony take off, sliding down quickly, to a ground level, atrium landing.

The steep,135 foot run was repeated over 10 times at very high speeds. It was covered by many different camera angles, including a cool, hand held POV shot down the zip line. All being performed while creating no impact or damage to the brand new, recently completed bio-tech building.

To prepare this unique stunt, one of our stunt design team flew in and scouted our location the week before. This allowed us to prepare a plan of attack and to create an equipment list needed for the job. All custom materials where quickly shipped to Boston via Fed-X, a couple days before the shoot from our California office. While all the common everyday materials where ordered, rented or bought locally to save production time and money.

Then the complete, highly trained stunt team flew into Boston, creating a special operations style of shooting. Which is really the most cost effective and safest way to pull off this type of unique action sequence on location.

The end result was fantastic! Most important however, was there was no permanent impact to the new high rise building. And of course the footage captured was amazing and the stunt was performed quickly and safely. Saving both time and money for the production company.

It takes a lot of foresight from a production companies point of view. To adapt this Special Operations style of shooting in this new economy. Production resources are now based throughout the country, and can be hired locally.

We strongly feel however, that for unique, specialized, high action sequences like this. Our highly trained and experienced stunt design team, is far better equipped to create these types of stunts. Quicker, safer and in a more cost effective manner than someone who is newer to high action production needs.

We really enjoy, this new style of Special Operations Stunt Design. Our action design team has been creating Hollywood\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s biggest action sequences for years. On the biggest productions, with the biggest stars.

This has allowed us to create a large inventory of specially designed action tools. Plus puts us in a unique position to bring exactly the right combination of talent and technology to any high action sequence shot anywhere in the world. All done in a safe, timely and cost effective manner.

Our goal is simple, yet original, Revolutionizing the stunt industry! Which has and will continue to save production companies, time, money and headaches. Plus give them action footage, that is unique, safe and fun to shoot.

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05-01-2010 - Euro metal drum tracks
Our Leavittation recording studio has really been heating up lately! We just hosted a Euro metal drum track session by an Italian drummer.

The drum track is cut at our studio production facility here in California. Then when finished and tweaked, the final drum tracks are emailed to Europe, to be mixed into the rest of the song there in a European studio.

We are also doing engineering work for an audio motivational book. Which is currently being polished up in our sound studio.

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04-28-2010 - Enrique Iglesias I Like It
Our stunt team put together some nice action for the Wayne Isham directed music video I Like It. Featuring Enrique Iglesisis and Miami rapper Pit Bull.

The video was shot at the popular My House nightclub on Hollywood Blvd, in downtown Hollywood. Our team, helped create some mind bending dance effects for Enrique.

This particular project was extremely productive for us. Because we had the opportunity to increase our green screen experience and expand our inventory of hi-bred futuristic visual effects techniques.

We have been putting a lot of research into improving our visual effects inter activity with traditional stuntwork. Projects like this seem to use more of these new 21st century techniques than just about any other type of show. So being involved in the new and energized music video business has been very fun and productive for us.

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04-21-2010 - Our professional Action fire safety supples are now on sale for the first time
By popular demand, we now offer for sale to the professional stunt community. Some of our innovative fire safety systems, including Fire Ice heat barrier gel, which has proven to be so popular with the Hollywood stunt community.

This amazing new product, provides better protection, and a much less noticeable heat barrier between open flames and actors or stunt performers during fire scenes.

Fire Ice heat barrier gel comes in two formulas! One type designed especially for soaking fire resistant underwear worn under costumes during body burns. Which we now offer selective professional stunt performers for $75.00 per gallon

The other Fire Ice stunt gel option is our unique hand and face mix, heat barrier stunt gel. Which is much thicker and provides an excellent non-reflective heat barrier. Which opens up a lot of new possibilities for innovative action. Fire Ice, hand and face blend is now exclusively available for stunt professionals for $250.00 per gallon.

We also keep in stock, all sizes of the latest Carbon-X fire resistant underwear, socks, gloves, hoods and blankets. Which is a must for any professional stunt performer to have in their bag of tricks.

When you need it, we can also supply your stunt team with state of the art stunt fuels. Amazing sculpted silicone, life like, fire resistant gloves or silicone hoods with faces.

We are truly a one stop shop! For your motion picture and TV fire safety needs.

Because knowledge is power! We now also provide an informative one or two day fire awareness seminar to empower you. Being armed with as much information as possible, will make you a much more rounded and knowledgeable performer. This unique information, is only provided in our fire awareness seminars.

You will not only be better prepared to protect yourself but will be better able to protect fellow stunt performers and the crew that will be working with you on the set.

The one day course is now $600.00 and includes all areas of fire awareness. The two day course is $800.00 and reviews the one day course, plus exposes you to the information needed to possibly be part of a fire safety stunt team.

This is unique information, not available anywhere else. We decided to provide this seminar to better prepare people for the workplace. Information not available to me at any price when I came up in the industry.

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03-18-2010 - Ultra stunt mini tramp
We have produced a new video for You Tube, featuring our newly developed Ultra Stunt mini tramp. It can be viewed by searching the popular You Tube site for Stunt Lab, then click on new mini tramp.

The mini tramp in the video is our first pre-production test bed work horse model. The mini tramp features an extra strong adjustable angle frame. The largest footprint of any mini tramp ever developed, which helps keep it from slipping or moving during jumps.

The Ultra Stunt Mini tramp also incorporates a total of 44 springs, which gives it lots of pop and provides a solid jump for the largest and strongest of stunt performers.

The production model, will feature spring pads to protect the jumper and the springs. The option of higher performance more expensive springs. And perhaps even a possible progressive spring system, which we are hoping to test the practicality of in the next few weeks.

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03-18-2010 - Cold Fire video on Youtube
We have produced a new Stunt Lab video for You Tube, introducing the new spray can fire fighting system from Cold Fire. We created a Hi-Bred stunt, doing a fire burn while jumping on the new Ultra Stunt mini tramp.

It can be viewed by searching Stunt Lab on this popular website.

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03-12-2010 - Ultra Mini tramp/ Cold Fire, fire burn stunt
We just had our second test day for the new and improved version, of the new Ultra Stunt mini tramp. This new mini tramp is the world\\\'s first mini tramp designed exclusively for motion picture and TV stuntwork. All mini tramps of the past, have had their design origins in gymnastics.

The Ultra Stunt mini tramp design is unique! Its stronger, carries more springs and has a larger footprint for added traction, compared to ordinary mini tramps designed for gymnastics.

The concept of this new stunt mini tramp system, is to provide effective jumping power for all sizes of stuntpeople. From huge professional wrestlers and NFL football players, down to gymnasts and freerunners.

To put this new system through its paces, we utilized several sizes of jumpers to test the new trampoline. After a marathon jump session, we then created a Hi-Bred stunt, a mini tramp jump while on fire.

How this fire burn stunt differed from any of the past. Was we tested a new fire fighting system in a spray can, called Cold Fire.

Our goal was to find a lighter and quicker system for getting into tight spots with the fire safety people. Because the new Cold Fire system delivers a powerful fire fighting agent in a hair spray sized can. We are able to get in and fight the flames faster, plus get into smaller physical spaces. Like inside a burning overturned automobile, which is difficult with a wet blanket or a CO2 bottle!

It also makes it much easier for small people to perform the important task of fire safety with this Cold Fire spray can system. Simply because its a much lighter and more compact fire fighting system than a traditional CO2 fire fighting system.

The Cold Fire system is also GREEN! Because its water based, its non-toxic and will not burn the lungs of the person on fire or the fire safety crew, like CO2 fire fighting systems can when inhaled. So its potentially a much safer way to do fire burn stunts if used correctly.

Our Stunt Lab has been making amazing progress with the art and science of stuntwork. Our introduction of the Cold Fire, fire fighting system to our industry and the Ultra Stunt mini tramp are welcome additions to the stunt arsenal.

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03-08-2010 - Sony music
Lane stunt coordinated, and brought his talented stunt rigging crew to the Culver City GMT studios. To install a flying system for the new Usher OMG music video.

The dancing was organized for Usher by Aakomon Jones. Who did an outstanding job of creating some very slick and athletic numbers for this major super star.

Our rigging crew also helped design and install an innovative quick release drop system. For the creative production designer Benji Bamps.

The Anthony Mandler directed video, used a high contrast, Busby Berkley style black on white, white on black concept.

The idea was using our wire assist to give a just beyond but not over the top look to some of the dance. Then at the end of this number, the large 40 foot long by 22 foot tall back drop evenly drops to the floor.

Our rigging crew designed the hold and release system for the backdrop. Then helped the art department crew install this large backing. It worked perfectly and only required one take to get the tricky drop filmed.

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03-08-2010 - Cold Fire project
We are currently working with the Cold Fire company. To test the idea of using their new spray can fire fighting system for stuntwork.

The idea is fairly simple, providing a lighter, faster, and more mobile way to protect stunt performers during fire scenes and stunts.

The new fire fighting system puts a powerful fire fighting agent in a high output spray can, the size of a hair spray can. Which means a much smaller fire fighting package can now be accessed by safety people.

This would reduce both the size and the weight carried by stunt safety teams, increasing speed and access to the fire. This gives us another line of defense in protecting both personal and property.

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02-24-2010 - Loren Janes Tribute
The night of Feb 23rd we had the pleasure of attending a Stuntmens assn. tribute to Loren Janes. The former stunt double of the late great Steve McQueen.

Loren is a slice of movie and TV history, having been in the business for over 50 years. He has appeared in over 300 movies and 2400 TV shows. Including How the West was won and doubling the lead on Sparticus.

Loren told some great stories about his life and career. Including how stuntmen helped form the Screen Actors Guild, by allowing their homes to be secret meeting places for union organizing.

He explained how the studios would black list actors when they went to SAG meetings at actors homes. But meeting in stuntmens homes, the studios didn\'t know where the stuntmen lived. So they could not monitor these meetings. Which allowed our union to be formed.

Loren, who is one of the founding members of the Stuntmens Assn. Also explained why the organization was formed. The number one reason was simple, extras where being hired to do stunts! Micky Rooney suggested to Loren that an organization should be formed so everyone would know who the professional stuntmen where.

By, getting the best stuntmen together and creating the Stuntmens Assn. It allowed the producers and directors to know who the qualified stuntmen in the business where.

He also told the wonderful story of how and why he punched out Jack Warner of Warner Brothers. Not knowing who he was until he stopped getting job offers from the studio.

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02-22-2010 - New smaller airbag design
We are now testing the new smaller cadcam designed airbag. It uses the same overall design as the 15 foot by 20 foot by seven foot high design, only reduced to a smaller size with a cadcam computer design system.

The new airbag, also uses a newer and lighter material, which makes the landing even softer. We will keep you informed as to how the new smaller airbag develops.

At the moment, the new airbag is in the design and testing stage. The new lighter material has already proven to be an advantage.

Now with this first small model, it will let us know if it can simply be downsized in the computer. Using the successful 15 x 20 x 7 model as a practical baseline.

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02-21-2010 - Anthony De Longis sword fight seminar at the Stunt Lab
While Lane was out of town stunt coordinating in Utah. World famous fightmaster Anthony De Longis hosted a sword for film seminar at the stunt lab.

In the feature film Fearless, Anthony played the part of the Spanish sword champion. Where international superstar Jet Li fights and beats multiple international opponents.

Stunt lab is drawing some amazing talent! Having Anthony host this seminar brought another unique angle to the fine art of movie action. Anthony is not only a master of the edged weapon, he is an authentic master of history and the effective use of historical and classical weapons.

He understands their proper use, their historical origins, plus, how to properly train actors and stunt people to safely and effectively use these weapons for movie combat.

Our goal at stunt lab is to constantly push forward the techniques, organization, talent, systems and teamwork of the art and science of stunt work. Creating action that is far more seamless between actors and our stunt performers.

Only by using a better, more careful blending of acting and stuntwork together. Can a giant step forward in action be accomplished. Anthony has spent years working on this blend, just like Lane has.

By working together with Anthony at the stunt lab. We plan to create an even more unique blend of action and acting. A Hi-Bred so unique, of acting, technology and talent. That we expect to produce some off the charts action, on screen in the very near future.

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02-20-2010 - Age of the Dragons feature film in Provo Utah
We made the short trek up to Provo Utah for the new Danny Glover film, Dragonfire. Its a period piece about hunting dragons.

In this movie our stunt team created a nice effect, where we pulled Danny Glovers stunt double up and out of frame in front of a 20 x 40 greenscreen. We created the stunt by putting him on a 12 foot pull nitrogen ratchet, and rocketing him from ground level up past the top of camera frame.

We then, switched the rigging and did a high speed 20 foot drag with Dannys double. Again using our highly advanced computerized nitrogen ratchet pulling system.

Even though Mr. Glovers stunt double had never been on a wire rig before. With our advanced stunt technology, we easily created an amazing action sequence. With our exclusive computerized soft pull ratchet system, and with a little coaching the double was comfortably flying in a very short amount of time.

The rig consisted of two separate systems. One created the rapid lift and backward flying motion needed for the shot. While the other independent system offered total control over the excessive energy created by the pull. Most importantly, it also allowed a redundant overhead safety system. Which kept the stunt performer, safe and on two life lines at all times.

This was our first project in Utah, which proved to be a very nice place to work. Our stage was based at the excellent Stone Five Studio in Provo. Surrounded by the Utah snow capped mountains.

The local crew was also excellent! They created some really nice sets, and a wonderful working atmosphere. We hope to be able to return soon and participate in more Utah based motion picture projects.

This should prove to be much easier in the future. Because we now have a locally based rigging and stunt equipment package, home based in Utah.

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02-13-2010 - Stunt Lab AFI motion capture casting
Feb. 12th stunt lab hosted a casting session for an American Film Institute motion capture project. This portion of the project will be shot at the on campus, USC motion capture stage.

We combined our hands on rigging session, with practical interaction between casting, actors, the director and production. Which is perhaps the most difficult part of stunt rigging.

The scene being cast, is a troop training session, in outer space. Which means all actors in the scene are weightless, against greenscreen. The actors were brought to the Stunt Lab, to see how they performed on wires. Giving the director and casting a better idea of how their talent would perform, when they got on the USC motion capture stage.

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02-13-2010 - Stunt Lab airramp training for major motion picture
At the same time we were running our AFI motion capture casting. Our stunt lab team also ran some airramp tests for an upcoming major motion picture.

The stunt lab crew airramped up on top one of our sheds, then ran off pulling gainers. The footage was being shot in request of the stunt coordinator.

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02-08-2010 - Maxim magazine superbowl party
Lane made a fast trip to Miami, helping to rig a 3 man repel off a beachfront hotel. The repel was from the penthouse down to ground level, the heart of the Maxim magazine Superbowl party.

The stunt was staged, to introduce a new video game product, which was one of the major sponsors of the event. Other sponsors of the star studded event, included a major car company and a TV set manufacturer.

It is an understatement, that Miami beach was in major party mode for the Superbowl. Tickets for this particular event where a steep $1200.00 each! Then after our gig, those of us who wanted to get on the road where being offered $500.00 a piece for our all access crew passes from those outside the walls of the party wanting to get in.
So we have to imagine that indeed the tickets to the party where a not idem.

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02-03-2010 - First Preproduction Ultra Stunt mini tramp
We have just completed our very first day of testing, with our first Preproduction, Ultra Stunt Mini Tramp. Its the worlds first mini tramp, designed exclusively for motion picture and Television stunt work.

Why this new mini tramp differs from others built in the past, is it is designed to take the pounding and punishment of full size athletes hitting it on film and TV sets. Mini Tramps of the past, where designed for gymnasts, who tend to be smaller, nimble athletes.

By contrast, stuntmen come in all sizes and shapes, from all types of sports, including football, martial arts, racing, rodeo, Pro Wrestling and so on. Which means, that some very big and strong people often hit mini tramps on the sets. Mini Tramps designed for little gymnasts, simply are not designed to take such a beating, or as heavy of jumpers, but the Ultra Stunt Mini tramp is!

Our first days testing, included stunt performers of all sizes, both male and female. Including one very strong football player who topped the scale at 230 pounds.

Our goal was simple in developing this new product. It was to supply the industry with the ultimate mini tramp for motion picture stunt work! And, also allowing both large or small stunt performers to get the maximum performance possible from a mini tramp.

A few changes are in the pipeline for the production models. First, it will be painted, a soothing blue, with a blue spring pad surrounding the bed. Which will also protect the springs from being stepped on by accident, increasing jumper safety.

The other major change will be the adding of 4 booster springs, one in each corner of the tramp. Even though the preproduction tramp is sprung much harder than a normal gymnastic mini tramp. Our 230 pound football player, needed even more spring tension for the bed. So we are adding 4 more springs, one in each corner!

Even though the tramp bed is ultra stiff, with all the springs intact. Springs can easily be dropped for smaller jumpers. Which allows the perfect tuning for any jumper. Which makes this mini tramp much more versatile than a gymnastic tramp.

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01-30-2010 - 100 Questions
For the 100 Questions TV series, we put together a very difficult fire burn stunt. The burn required us to have a model in a feathered top, catch fire in the middle of a bar scene. Filled with cast and extras!

The key to this successful fire stunt was careful blocking of the scene, placing the cast and extras in the right places. Then careful training of the stunt performer and finally correct preparation of the costume.

Our new Fire Ice fire gel, provided an excellent unseen protection for the costume. Which contained a dangerous mix of 20% man made material. Which melts when introduced to an open flame! Which can be very dangerous to the performer.

The new Fire Ice spray gel provided the extra unseen protection needed to keep the costume from melting, just long enough to protect the stunt performer and get the shot needed to tell the story.

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01-30-2010 - Passion Play feature film in New Mexico
For this new feature film, we flew the lead actors and their doubles on wires, in front of a very large blue screen. This created some very technical flying sequences needed to tell this supernatural story.

We traveled to New Mexico for this job! Basing our operation out of our recently opened New Mexico branch office.

Filming took place, at the fantastic newly opened, state of the art, Q studios. Which offers large floorspace and 62 feet of working headroom to the perms, which was ideal for our large blue screen shots.

With such a large area to play in, it allowed for some very big moves before the bluescreen. We were able to drop, swing and fly both the doubles and actors easily.

Our other location was the old New Mexico state prison near Santa Fe, which is infamous for the worst prison riot in US history. This location is spooky to say the least! Yet it is used now for filming quite often, since the state no longer holds inmates there.

This location offers both cell block sets and many open work spaces. Which makes it a very popular movie set for New Mexico film and TV productions.

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01-30-2010 - Jonah Hex reshoots
Lane had the opportunity to come in and help the GO Stunts team set up some big ratchet stunts. This was for the re-shoots on the feature film Jonah Hex, shot last year in Louisiana.

These added action scenes shot in Hollywood, used our exclusive computerized ratchet firing system. Which allows us to sync together up to six ratchets by computer. This unique firing system, allows us to sync them to work together, with pin point precision down to one thousand of a second.

This extreme precision also allows for precise adjustments of the flight for the stuntmen riding the ratchet systems during blocking and rehearsal.

Each of the stuntmen can be better protected, simply because the moment and duration of the pull can be controlled by the computer. Which can also be precisely tuned and adjusted during our rehearsals. Giving a consistent pull every time, not possible with people working the buttons.

Then as the rehearsal pads are pulled out, for the shot, the landing spot can be much better predicted. Allowing the stuntman to land in a spot on the set, that can be prepared and softened. Removing this human error factor of the manual push button, creates a much safer and consistent flight for the performer.

This takes a lot of pressure off of the stuntman, by removing more of the human error factor of the manual push button. Simply because the computer fires at the exact time and duration, everytime. Which frees the stuntman up, to concentrate on having a better performance.

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01-18-2010 - CSI New York race car sequence
Debbie has finished her several nights of doubling Danica Patrick, racing through the streets of downtown LA. This is the second time Debbie has been the driving stunt double of racing sensation Danica Patrick. Her last time doubling for her was on a Honda accord TV commercial.

They use Debbie behind the wheel instead of Danica for several reasons. Number one is that it allows Danica to do dialog while they can shoot the action using Debbie, which simply gets more work done. The other reason is that Danica\'s style of driving, is racing! Where the whole idea is to never break traction. While during stunt driving, you try to break traction everywhere you can. So the two styles of driving are totally different.

Debbie loves spending time with Danica, and considers her to be an amazing athlete and a real pro at what she does. Debbie is also a big fan of Danica\'s racing career, and is really pleased to get to know her on a personal level.

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01-14-2010 - CSI New York race car sequence
Debbie is in the drivers seat of a Indy car trainer for an episode of CSI New York. She has the task of getting this grippy road racer to drift around the city streets of LA. Which she has managed to do quite well.

The racer is fitted with an 1100cc R-1 Yamaha 4 cylinder motorcycle engine, pumping out around 160HP in the 1000 pound car. These types of racers are not designed to drift but to hook up and carve the corners. So getting them to drift, without the aid of a limited slip rear end and their limited steering stop has been a major concern from the beginning.

Yet, Debbie and the pit crew have done an excellent job of overcoming the limitations of the design of the car. Taking in stride, the uneven downtown road conditions.

Adding to the difficulty of the job, is the fact that the cars have no reverse, or power steering. So getting back to #1 is a difficult task in itself. The cars must be pushed backwards at walking speeds during this turn around process. Which makes the steering heavy and unresponsive, which is hard enough for a full size male driver, for a small female, it becomes a real workout.

The company spent two days of prep, preparing the cars and the drivers, for the required sequence. These two days of testing proved to be priceless, because major changes to the cars could be made. Otherwise what they needed and wanted in the shots, would not have been possible, without this prep time.

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01-09-2010 - The Pad Sock invention
We are testing and developing a new concept, called the Pad Sock! The idea is to cut down on the discomfort caused by wearing stunt pads under a costume, while doing heavy activity like stuntwork, skateboarding skiing or motorcycle racing. We have found that in extreme conditions, the wearing of stunt pads causes considerable discomfort.

The Pad Sock, is intended to prevent, chaffing, absorb sweat, and help prevent burns during fire stunts. Worn under a stunt pad, it gives added protection to the tender skin around knees, or other parts of the body often protected by stunt pads.

Modern stunt pads offer superior protection however the materials that they are made from often cause discomfort to the skin after long hours wearing them. Which often prompts the performers or athletes to remove their protection for greater comfort. Which means even the best pad in the world is no good if your not wearing them!

The Pad Sock, offers the opportunity for the athlete, to keep the protection on longer, or better yet, put it on in the first place. The additional benefit of the Pad Sock is that it adds a layer of fire resistant natural cotton between the skin and the pads, which today are mostly manufactured with man made materials which melt when exposed to heat.

The pad sock is an excellent addition to any athletes or stunt performers inventory of supplies to their utility bag.

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01-09-2010 - The completed set for the indy film project at the Stunt Lab
Here\'s what the completed, dressed and lit set looks like for the Indy film project being shot at our Stunt Lab production space.

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01-08-2010 - Hollywood Heros with Amanda Holden
Amanda Holden brought her new ITV English TV series to the Stunt Lab for several days of training and filming. We focused on both fire stunts and stunt driving with Amanda, and she proved to be an amazingly good sport and student.

We put her through the paces out on the skid pad at Willow Springs raceway. Plus lit her arm on fire several times after working her way through her dislike for movie and TV fire effects. Amanda is an amazing lady, plus her crew was just as professional and friendly as their boss, Miss Holden was.

For the car chase we put together, we incorporated our new Red Camera bike for the tracking shots. The camera platform on the side of the powerful 4 cylinder Honda, worked fantastic. And allowed us to put the camera right in the center of the action, both on the track and out on the roadway running shots.

We also had the opportunity to try some of our new in and on the car camera mounts. We build a speciality hard mount between the two front seats, which would catch a nice shot of the driver and passenger, plus look out the front window of the car.

Our new suction cup camera mounts also worked fantastic for the mini DV cameras. While we put the RedCam hand held on our motorcycle sidecar tracking vehicle.

The combination of mini DV mounts and the motorcycle tracking vehicle with the RedCam proved to be an excellent combination angles to put the camera and the actors right in the action.

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01-08-2010 - Independent Movie project using our stage.
Our stage area is currently being rented for interior sets, for a small independent film production. The sets are being built from scratch, to create a small town sheriff\'s office.

Even though the sets are in the middle of our Stunt Lab, the two days of production has no stunts, only dialog! It\'s really amazing, two days of filming, and nobody gets exploded, falls, or catches on fire. Simply one actor talking to another. Amazing!

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01-08-2010 - Stunt Lab Sound Studio is currently in full production mode
Our,in house sound studio is currently being used to produce, mix, engineer and record a folk music album. Our music production side of our growing production facility, is becoming more and more popular with music artists.

Steven Leavitt our in house Producer/sound engineer has been bringing in more and larger music projects lately, and has been having some excellent results for our music clients.

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01-08-2010 - Our New \"On Set\" Stunt Lab headquarters
This is our new on location Stunt Lab headquarters. It offers better protection from the elements and a larger footprint for vehicle stunts, camera systems or rigging support. The trailer and tent system is perfect for working on cars, camera systems, or stunt rigging.

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01-03-2010 - Half a day at Bear Mountain
Daniel has just posted a nice free style terrain park skiing video on Youtube. It shows Daniel working the jumps, hips and rails, plus throwing a nice backflip on skis.

Search YouTube for Half a day at Bear Mountain Goby 326.

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01-02-2010 - New Stunt Lab youtube video
We have just put up a new video on YouTube, a making of the fire burn stunt we designed and performed for the horror film Beaver Dam. The making of video shows how we organized and designed the stunt at the stunt lab. Then how we moved the stunt to set.

It gives the viewer a fairly good insight, as to how a stunt is conceived, practiced, then performed before camera on set. It also reveals how we try to cover every base, then on set make the final decisions as to how exactly the stunt can be performed the most practical way.

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11-04-2009 - New fire burn stunt safety system UPDATE
Our first time on the set with our new fire burn safety system was an amazing success story. Lane used the new system for fire safety on the set of The Mentalist, a Warner Brothers TV series.

The scene took place in a construction trailer, with limited ventilation and a very confined area. During the scene, a piece of furniture and drapes caught on fire, causing the set to be filled with toxic fumes.

This drove the whole cast and crew from the set, except Lane who was equipped with our new self contained breathing system, eye protection and a CO2 fire extinguisher . With our new fire safety system, he was able to suppress the fire, alone and remain on set to watch for any hot spots after the fire was put out.

To view this new fire burn safety system, go to Youtube and search Stunt Lab, new fire burn stunt safety system.

This new complete kit, is for the behind the camera fire safety performers. Who are actually the most important part of any fire burn stunt team. These unsung heros behind the camera are the men and women who actually make the fire stunt happen.

Their job is a tough one, which is to prepare and protect the on screen performer during a difficult and dangerous fire scene. Until now, nobody has really paid much attention to these important cast members. Most of the focus has been on the person on fire, however, its actually much harder and a much more intense position, to be the person responsible for keeping your fellow cast member safe during a fire gag.

This new kit, organizes and completes the gear needed, for state of the art protection of the cast, crew and set, during fire scenes. The kit includes fire suit, face, hand and eye protection. Plus most importantly, a self contained breathing system, which protects the lungs of the safety crew.

With the added confidence provided by this complete fire burn stunt protection system. The Stunt safety crew can now, approach and suppress on set fires with much more precision, focus and certainty.

This complete package, gives the safety crew the protection needed to get as close and as quickly as needed to the center of the fire. For the very best possible protection of everyone on the set. Including the performer on fire, other cast members, the crew and the set.

Our experience on The Mentalist, proved without a shadow of a doubt, that this kit is an important addition for any fire stunt.

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10-20-2009 - Spiderman 4 using our Skycycle for early green screen testing
Spiderman 4 is using our skycycle flying system, for early green screen testing sessions. In preproduction preparation of the 4th installment of the blockbuster feature film franchise.

The Skycycle allows an actor to be spun in a circular motion either direction, then if combined with a swivel harness. The actor can be spun and flipped at the same time.

The system is fairly simple, inexpensive but very effective. Its basically a steering wheel on a pivot bearing, that a flying technician can turn or bank the actor in a desired direction. Allowing the actor to be spun in 360 degree circles, either direction. Plus they can be banked toward the direction of the turn they are flying in.

Because the system is very simply, its inexpensive to use and quick to set up. Which is always a very good option for any production, no matter how large or small the budget might be.

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10-20-2009 - Red Dawn remake
One of our long time buddies Dan Bradley is directing the Paramount pictures remake of the 1980s cult classic, Red Dawn. Which is the story of the American resistance to a communist invasion of the United States.

Stunt coordinator on the project is one of our Leavittation trained project managers Darrin Prescott, supported by two more long time Leavittation team members, Scott Rodgers and Jimmy Hart.

For the show, we provided our state of the art computerized nitrogen ratchet firing system. Which allows a series of ratchets to be fired in sequence with one thousand of a second precision. With this system, up to six ratchets, can also be stacked, delayed or fired several times with an accuracy right down to one thousand of a second.

The computer, also has a manual firing stop watch program. Where a single ratchet can be test fired, which allows the stunts to be practiced, then recorded and later programed and repeated time and again, with pinpoint accuracy down to one thousand of a second.

What this amazing ratchet computer does, is recreate the perfect timing for the firing of each ratchet, time and again. Keeping each and every take the same on the stunt end of the business being done in any shot.

Keeping the ratchets consistent, gives the stuntmen a much larger margin of safety. Simply because it eliminates the human error, involved in pushing a button to fire a single or series of nitrogen ratchets.

If needed, the FX explosions can also be linked into the computer, which allows any bombs or Pyrotechnics to also be timed down to the thousands of a second with the nitrogen ratchet pulls.

Not only does this increase on the set safety, but helps prevent the human error of bad timing on any button pushes. From either FX or stunts.

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10-15-2009 - The tonight show fire burn stunt
The tonight show casting, gave us a call out of the blue Oct. 14th at about 11:30 am asking if we could organize a fire burn team for their 5:30 PM taping. After a few fast and furious phone calls, we rounded up our Leavittation fire burn team, then loaded and organized our supplies.

Then we rushed down to the NBC studios and put together a really nice burn for a skit on this popular NBC late night TV show. We had a great time on the show, and the cast and crew were really pleased with the partial burn we performed for them.

It was all fairly amazing, in at 1:30 PM and out at 5:45PM, a done deal!

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10-15-2009 - Castle uses our camera bike for bicycle sequence
The popular TV series Castle, took advantage of our new insert motorcycle sidecar rig. They used it to do some tracking shots of a bicycle cutting through traffic.

We ran the motorcycle sidecar insert vehicle down the sidewalk, tracking the bicycle as it cut in and out of automobiles.

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10-11-2009 - New fire burn fuel and delivery system
In our constant search for better techniques and tools for stunt work. We have discovered a new delivery system system and chemical combination for fire burn fuel.

This new process, and material, creates a safer work place by providing a more containable fuel source. It replaces the open container of fuel, with a sealed pressurized delivery system. A sealed pressure system, helps prevent any flammable vapors from being introduced onto the set without our knowledge. Which can be a huge safety problem with an open fuel container.

Unwanted flammable vapors always create a fire danger. Consider that the smallest ignition spark, can cause an unwanted explosion. From something as simple as an electric motor or even static electricity.

With our new compressed air, fuel delivery system, from a sealed container, this unwanted explosion danger is greatly reduced. The chemical combination is very similar to common fuels now used for stunt body burns. So the flame is very full and rich for camera! With the added plus for the stuntman, that the heat transfer is slower toward the body. Which means the stuntman has a larger safety margin during a stunt, which is always nice.

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10-11-2009 - Putting stars in the CENTER OF THE ACTION
We are nearing completion of phase 2 of our new green screen flying system. This phase of our research project has focused on the ability to completely control an actor comfortably doing front or back flips in front of a green screen.

The hardware is completed, we are simply fine tuning all aspects of the system. Which allows us to put lead actors up in the the air comfortably and have them do controlled flips, either frontwards or backwards. This is being done without any athletic input on their part. Which is vital, because it saves time and money!

The flips are controlled totally by the ground crew, which makes the flying of high dollar actors quicker and more comfortable. Saving time and a lot of major discomfort to the stars of a any project.

It also makes these performers look much more athletic and involved with the action that is created around them. I have always been a firm believer in putting the stars in the CENTER OF THE ACTION to bring the maximum effect to any action sequence.

Our new green screen flying system, can be viewed on Youtube by searching stunt lab, new green screen flying system part two. It brings that concept front and center. Putting the stars IN THE CENTER OF THE ACTION.

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10-07-2009 - Fly system on the TV series Castle
We had the pleasure of putting together a nice flying system for the TV series Castle. Stunt co-ordinator Dennis Matalone bought us in to hang an actress upside down, then fly her through and down a fire escape ladder.

We used our Fisher high speed winch system for the job, which proved to be the perfect tool for this show. Because of its smoothness and the ability of the winch to be run at any cable speed we might need for the shot.

This powerful winch is almost silent, which is a BIG plus, because there was some dialog during the flying, as the actress flew up and down the fire escape ladder.

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10-07-2009 - New Stunt Camera Cycle
We are very pleased with the performance of our new stunt camera bike. Which has been highly modified to support both film and digital cameras.

It features either a left or right hand camera platform. The running gear and sub frame were built by the Emmy award winning Sidestrider compnay, the manufacturer of the most popular camera cycle systems currently used in Hollywood.

The custom bodywork uses a 1 1/4\\\" speedrail system that was designed and built in house at Leavittation. The left and right hand camera platforms offers a large fully padded work area, and comes with a very large grip package to support both film and digital cameras.

With former motorcycle champion and vet stuntman Lane Leavitt behind the handlebars, this camera platform is capable of bringing both precision and set experience to each shot.

Lane has also been a suspension development rider for both Moto Cross Fox and Works performance suspension systems. Which gives him expert insight to advanced suspension design and tuning for camera cycle platforms.

This new camera cycle utilizes a custom leading link front suspension system, designed exclusively for this type of vehicle. With custom made Works Performance heavy duty coil over struts both front and rear.

On the camera platforms, custom made heavy duty adjustable coil over struts are also installed. Linked to an extra long, trailing arm suspension system. This Unique, extra long, trailing arm system. Also uses an adjustable piggyback dual stage, air ride Fox shock. Which can be used as a ride height booster on the camera platform.

The tractor for the camera system, is the ultra smooth, inline, air cooled Honda four. We chose this motorcycle, because of its reputation for power, smoothness, refinement and reliability.

The overall package produces an affordable, flexible camera platform. That can add dynamic movement for the camera in many situations.

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09-16-2009 - 53 foot high fall to the ground on youtube
We now have up, our making of video on youtube of this never before performed stunt. The amazing 53 foot high fall right to camera and to the ground.

It can be viewed by searching youtube under the heading, stunt lab 53 foot high fall to the ground. The video is long, almost 10 minutes but to tell the whole story of how we did a stunt that has never performed before took some time.

The video includes our two days of planning and testing at the stunt lab. Plus the set up, and the prep we needed to perform this amazing stunt safely.

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08-30-2009 - Paramount Pictures Circle of Eight
We would like to thank Paramount pictures, and their new Circle of Eight project. They gave us the opportunity to get really creative, and perform an amazing stunt that has never been performed successfully before.

Without studios producing exciting scripts, all our hard work and innovative new technology means nothing. Simply because there is no theater for us to perform in!

This script however gave us a the chance to create a 5 story high fall from a burning building right to the ground. Something Ive known was technically possible for a long time, but there has not been the opportunity until now to actually perform it.

The circle of Eight is scripted that the actor jumps from a 5th story window while on fire, however the idea of her in flames changed at the last minute. Which was OK, because it made our job easier and allowed us to concentrate on simply making the fall to the ground as exciting as possible. Which might have not been possible with the production time available, with her being on fire during the fall. Simply because the body burn,creates major fire safety considerations. Which of course, had to be our number one concern.

Using the resource of our Stunt Lab and its talented team members, we did two days of testing and practice at the Lab preparing for the stunt. Which saved two days of costly production time. Allowing us to train the stuntgirl to do her first body burns, giving her the understanding of the fire safety needed to perform her big stunt.

That first day of testing and training was also important because we carefully picked an optimum falling position. Plus tested the best configuration of her harness and pick points for the fall. Which is often overlooked and has been the cause of some horrible accidents during major stunts by other stunt teams in the past.

A few days later in the stunt lab, we did extensive testing on how to exit the edge of the window. Plus how to best configure the speed and deceleration of the fall, which needed to be right into camera and right to the ground. Something never successfully performed before by any other stunt team.

I have known for 3 or 4 years that it was technically possible to fall from any height, right to the ground safely, using our latest stunt technology. However we have not had a script that allowed us to perform this stunt. Thanks to Paramount Pictures, we finally had our chance to put all my theories to work, and work they did with amazing results!

For now, all we can provide you with, is a few still shots from the project. We are however currently in production , of an interesting and informative documentary for Youtube. Covering all aspects of the creation of this amazing stunt.

The one interesting question this all brings up for me, is this! Is the stunt airbag, even the most modern and technically advanced designs of this piece of stunt equipment now obsolete? I suppose only time and market considerations will answer that tough question!

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08-10-2009 - Stunt Lab new airbag system video now on Youtube
We have put up a new promo video, on the Youtube site, featuring our new innovative airbag system. The design takes airbags to the next level of performance and ergonomics.

Innovations include, ultra large vents for smoother landings, along with adjustable fans to tune the airbag for larger or smaller jumpers. The fans can also be moved to either the end or sides of the airbag, to make it more suitable to differing locations.

Its unique design also provides added roll off protection, by the incorporation of a pleated top and a non-venting tubular parameter around the outside of the landing zone. Which works in conjunction with the extra large vents, reducing the whip-lash effect common with many airbag designs.

The video can be viewed on Youtube by searching, Stunt Lab new airbag.

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08-08-2009 - Fire protection for TV action
Our Fire-Ice heat barrier gel has just been used on new episodes of both the popular cable TV series Breaking Bad and Leverage. The response to our new heat barrier gel has been fantastic.

Its popular, not only because of its superior heat barrier properties but also its non-reflective sheen, which makes the gel very difficult for the camera to detect. Which allows for tighter and longer lead in shots for exposure to any heat or fire to the actor or stunt performer.

This allows for some clever tie in shots with fire effects, not possible in days past.

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08-06-2009 - American Greetings fire burns
Our stunt team had a blast setting up Stuntman/actor Jimmy Graham for a series of 11 fire burns, on our first made for the internet production project. The show is called American Greetings and falls under the new Screen Actors Guild contract just passed by the guilds membership.

Jimmy is cast as a cook, who has all kinds of trouble baking a birthday cake. It explodes, falls and catches him on fire! We used a combination of carbon X underwear soaked in our Nomex blend Fire Ice gel, a single layer Carbon X fire suit and used our hand and face mix on his other exposed body parts.

For some of the burns we also incorporated, our silicone fire resistant sculpted gloves for extra protection on Jim. These gloves are fantastic, because they look like human hands, yet provide excellent heat and fire protection for the stuntman

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08-04-2009 - Youtube video of our new green screen Hi-comfort flying system
We have just put up a Youtube video of some of the tests, of our newly developed analog green screen/3D flying system. The new system is a classic team effort, where one idea from one member of the stunt team, sparked another with the next member. Which snowballed into something completely new.

The main performance goals were very simple. Number one, making the most comfortable flying position possible for the actor, number two, rapid set-up to keep it simple and the overall costs down. Plus the ability to control the flyer on any axis by the ground crew, reducing the athletic ability needed by the person in the rig.

The new system has proved to be amazingly comfortable for the actor flying, which is very important. Plus it allows the ground crew to have total control over the person flying, making it a giant leap forward for quick, down and dirty green screen or 3D movie work.

By removing all the complex computers, this old school, analog system is fast, simple and cheap. Yet provides improved comfort and total control over the person flying.

The system can be previewed on youtube by searching Leavittation new flying system test.

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07-18-2009 - Bonnie Happy fire burn test on Youtube
We put together a short documentary program for Youtube called \" Bonnie Happy fire burn test.\" It\'s a nice little documentary covering how professional stuntwomen Bonnie Happy prepared for a fire burn stunt on a popular TV series.

We walked Bonnie through fire stunt safety, preparation and awareness of fire burns. Plus how to dance with the fire and some acting coaching. It was a lot of fun and makes a nice little video.

To view this documentary, go to Youtube and search for Bonny Happy fire burn test. Then click on the picture that is the banner for this news story.


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07-12-2009 - Wind tunnel flying
For a popular TV series we had the opportunity to put together a sky diving flying sequence. The gag included flying the lead actor and a guest star over an actual wind tunnel flying machine.

We put the cast and their doubles on a four wire pick flying system, which kept them under control over the vintage DC-6 aircraft propeller, powered by a very large and powerful diesel engine.

The flying machine is capable of lifting expert skydivers 40 feet above the base of the tunnel. Which is fairly amazing to see.

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07-01-2009 - Fire resistant silicone hood
We have added another fire resistant hood/ head / face combo to our fire safety equipment inventory. This face also features more expression and silicone opened eyes. That provide a certain amount of vision for the stuntman during a fire burn, while still maintaining protection for their eyes.

This hood is also smaller in physical size, for a better fit on smaller stunt performers and women. Which was our main reason for building another fire burn hood/head/face combo unit.

We found that one size did not fit all, for fire burn hood/face/head protection. We realized after several burns with women and smaller stuntpeople, that there was a need for a small, tighter fit, on these smaller performers. So this combo hood, was developed with the smaller performer in mind.

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06-16-2009 - Weekly action seminars at the Stunt Lab
We have just implemented a new policy of weekly action seminars at the Stunt Lab. The goal is to have fun, improve our techniques, organization, hardware, resources, teamwork and talent.

The sessions have already brought a lot of interesting people together, allowing them to excel and showcase their most gifted areas. Then their unique talents are being shared, which gives everyone a wider perspective on creating action.

So far, we have been lucky enough to have access to sequences that are scripted on proposed feature films. Which is unique, because it creates interesting puzzles that need to be solved on those projects. Which is wonderful, because it creates a real life situation, very similar to what we might see on the set.

The Stunt Lab sessions currently include our team and a few guests. Then in the future, we hope to have some well known guest directors and performers getting involved. As our concept grows and evolves, all elements will hopefully be expanded.

We now shoot all stunt sequences on video, then edit them. Which crates a better understanding of the unique problems faced by those working on either side of the camera.

The ultimate goal, is for everyone to have a better understanding of the unique problems, faced by our fellow artists. Then finding ways to move into that void between those art forms.

Which can be done best, by providing the opportunity to slow the process down. Then break it into its most basic parts, then put it back together again. Which is not always possible on the set because of time restrictions! It's a lot of work, but the results have been fantastic!

By tapping into the concept of, "practice makes perfect" our goal is to hone the team and our systems into a more cohesive unit. The sessions have already provided many benefits to the organization and understanding of where we can improve. Which is often the most difficult part of any quest for excellence.

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06-15-2009 - Speciality Sidecar insert vehicle updates
The newest update for our insert vehicle system is a padded backrest for the operator. While using the exclusive, 360 degree view, top mount camera position.

The operator can also be harnessed into this standing position, offering comfort and security to the operator. There is also the option of a seat to work in partnership with the back rest, if the operator prefers a seated operating position of the top mount.

The other new addition is the optional high performance automotive seat. Featuring the ultimate in comfort and security, with a 5 point seat belt system. The seat also has adjustable sliders, so the operator can move the seat forward or backwards for maximum comfort.

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05-26-2009 - Debbie wins 6th Taurus World Stunt Award for Wanted
Debbie was honored with her 6th World Stunt Award for her chase and Viiper jump stunts on the movie Wanted. It was an amazing night, where Debbie had the opportunity to thank the stunt community for all their support and love during the difficult recovery she had, from her injuries suffered on the feature film Yes Man.

On that show, Debbie suffered horrible injuries when the scooter she was riding had an accidental head on. Which caused major injuries to her and her passenger, putting both stunt people out of action for a very long time.

This chase was filmed before her injuries, so winning this 6th world stunt award was a wonderful up for Debbie. Which gave her great hope for the future and for her comeback to stuntwork.

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05-26-2009 - New Mexico ratchet job
We did an interesting double ratchet on the vast Val Kilmer ranch south of Santa Fe. The stunt required pulling two stunt people in a bull costume, while a mock up bull makes a pass and bumps them.

The set-up was extremely technical, yet proved to be a lot of fun.

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05-02-2009 - New "Bumperbag" airbag system used for its first job
Nancy Thurston did an outstanding, 40 foot, twisting backwards one and 1/4 fall into our new Bumperbag airbag system. All performed at the glamorous Beverly Center in Beverly Hills.

The new Bumperbag airbag system has been a huge hit, with everyone who has tried it. Not only does it provide a smooth progressive landing without a bounce back. But it also seems to add confidence to the performer, with a non-vented bumper perimeter surrounding the landing zone of the airbag.

The new Bumperbag airbag system also has several ergonomic advances, that make this particular airbag one of the most versatile systems of its type in the world.

Some of the special features include,
*Adjustable output, dual blowers, with 9 different CFM settings
*Reflective outside perimeter to improve visibility
*360 degree perimeter non-vented bumpers in the landing zone
*Side or end blower inlet options
*flat top airbag profile, which means lower frame line for camera
*progressive, smooth, low or no bounce back landings
*Non-slip ribbing on the landing zone
*flatter airbag compression, to reduce neck stress

These are just a few of the features of this new Bumperbag airbag system.

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04-17-2009 - Our new camera bike
Our new speciality tracking vehicle, has just had it\'s first booking. It will be used to carry a mobile TV camera for the 2009 LA Marathon, 24 mile foot race.

The long project has come along really well, as we continue to upgrade the outfit with more camera mounts, a bigger grip package, and better ergonomics. After much tuning on the suspension and chassis, the amazingly smooth inline four, 4 valve per cylinder Honda, is working simply fantastic.

This particular motor is one of the most refined motorcycle engines in the world, and has proved to be a perfect foundation for a state of the art sidecar rig. Often called the \"universal Japanese motorcycle\" this highly refined machine from the world\'s biggest manufacturer of motorcycles, after all, Honda is often considered to be the World\'s leader in motor technology. Thanks to the Honda corporation, they have really provided us with a winning combination.

Doug Bingham and his Sidestrider sidecar team built our chassis and sub-frames for the tracking vehicle. Doug has built most of Hollywood\'s most successful tracking vehicles of this type. So it made sense to have the Sidestrider team provide this foundation for us as well.

Our friends over at Work Performance have provided us with 6 custom made ultra heavy duty shock absorbers. And since the front suspension has been converted over to a leading link system, custom designed for sidecars. We can adapt these heavy duty Works shocks to replace the standard telescopic front forks.

The work area is also unique! It\'s fully padded with an overhead frame, that doubles as a roll bar or a high camera mount platform. On the front, back and sides, camera mounts can be adjusted either high or low, or the camera operator can stand with comfort while harnessed securely to his operating position. With speedrail supports, both in front, back and sides of the operator.

Another unique feature, is the ultra long swing arm suspension on the camera platform. It hosts 2 shocks, one super heavy duty Works Performance coil over unit. Then in a \"Piggy Back\" arrangement, behind the coil over shock is a second independent, Fox Air Shock, which is a nitrogen charged adjustable spring system. Which can be used to boost the suspension for the perfect ride. No matter how heavy or light the work area load becomes.

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04-04-2009 - Photo shoot, for the Red Bull magazine
We had the pleasure of hosting a photo shoot for the official Red bull magazine at our Hollywood head quarters. They are featuring some of Hollywood's most famous stunt people, to promote the Red Bull sponsored 09 Taurus World Stunt awards.

The shoot was a stylized 1950's theme, which included Debbie Evans with her Nissan SX240 drift car and the amazing new BMW Enduro bike. Mark Chadwick doing a nice fire burn, Tony Angelotti doing some fight work and a high fall round robin, including some of our up and coming stunt people.

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03-31-2009 - Travis Pastrana's Nitro Circus
My buddy Monte Perlin and I had the pleasure of doing an episode of the amazing Travis Pastrana's popular TV series, Nitro Circus. Monte had the cast ride inside his steel ball, he uses for his live motorcycle stunt shows.

While I set up their cast for several Hollywood style stunts. Including, a motorcycle pull off, some airramp jumps and a nitrogen ratchet pull. Travis also did a nasty car wreck "Sidewinder" stunt, which looked simply fantastic.

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03-28-2009 - CSI Miami mega ratchet pull
Using 4 of our new Calibrated Soft Pull Ratchets, we put together a very precise 6 person and a table ratchet pull for this hit TV show. All the stunt crew was 100% safe and sound, plus the stunt was pulled off in only a single take.

Powering all four ratchets through our exclusive computerized firing system. Then pulling 2 stunt people per ratchet, and the table they sat around on a single forth ratchet, we managed to create an ultra precise pin point computer controlled stunt, all done in one take.

The practical seaside indoor location, required that each pull be perfectly timed and precise, otherwise one of our stunt crew could have been seriously injured. Yet, if the pull was to slow, or the timing was off, it would have ruined the shot, so it would not have sold for the camera.

I've often said, great stunt work is not magic, it's simply rocket science and teamwork. In this case each stunt performer pitched in and helped with the set up and tear down. Plus they performed their stunt with confidence and skill, which made the all the difference in the world.

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03-06-2009 - Debbie nominated for World Stunt Award
Our own Debbie Evans has been nominated for an 09 "Best Stunt by a Stuntwoman" World Stunt Award. She has been nominated for her work driving the the red fastback, Dodge V-10 Viper super car, on the movie Wanted.

In the movie she did some amazing driving and a big car jump in the stick shift Viper. This car is one of the most difficult cars in the world to control. So difficult in fact, that 1 in 3 new owners of the super car, loses it and crashes on the way home from purchasing it.

Debbie has already won 5 World Stunt Awards! Her past awards are for the hit movies, The Fast and the Furious, Matrix Reloaded and Taxi. Good luck Debbie in this years awards process, we love you!

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02-10-2009 - Mentalist parachute sequence
Using our new desender/hoist system, off the new Monster Movie Crane. We put together a really fun parachute accident sequence for this popular TV series. In the show, the parachute jumper's chute has been cut away, which causes him to fall to his death.

We used our new desender/hoist system to create the fall in front of a fairly large green screen. Using the desenders, variable taper, we created several different fall profiles, ranging from slow to free-fall.

Using the hoist function of the new combo system, we positioned the stuntman/actor up or down. For the green screen close-ups needed to edit the scene together.

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01-11-2009 - New Mexico branch office
We now have a well rounded inventory of world class stunt equipment, based in central New Mexico. Our goal is to service this emerging film and TV production market with first class action resources.

Which includes top quality stunt equipment, state of the art safety products and our ultra modern, world class stunt rigging services. All now based locally in New Mexico!

Our local inventory includes an enclosed trailer, that can be custom outfitted, to meet your particular days action needs. Including-


*Airramps, industry standard, ultra smooth progressive ride
*Nitrogen Ratchets, industry standard long or short progressive pulls
*Mini-Tramp low profile, adjustable height
*Jerk vests and flying harnesses
*Car and motorcycle Jump ramps
*Automobile Turnover and sidewinder ramps
*Articulated stunt dummies, adult or child, DOT crash test dummies
*Desender- cable falling system for falls up to 600 feet
*Airbag 15\' W x 20 L \'x 7\' H 70\' rating
*AC capstan winch
*Fisher Motion control, \" flying man\" winch, up to 10\' per second
*Stunt Pads-
*5\'x 7.5\'x 24\" port-a-pits
*4\'x 6\'x 12\" crash pads
*4\'x 6\'x 6\" crash pads
*5\'x10\'x 3\" tumbling mats
*2\'x 6\'x 4\" crash pad


*15lb CO2 Fire Extinguisher
* Fire Gel- Fire-Ice Hand and face mix and Nomex blends
*Cool-Fuel indoor, less toxic, fire burn fuel
*Fire suits
*Safety crew suits
*Nomex and CarbonX undergarments, gloves, hoods and socks
*Hi and low flash point fire burn fuels, blended to suit your needs


*Flying systems and travelers
*Green screen systems
*Cable falls
*Hong Kong style wire pulls
*actor/crew training and safety systems
*motorcycle and horse jerks and pull offs
*Spreader/arbor sets for flying systems
*Pulley and rope/cable systems
*5 point seat belt systems


*Sidecar camera bike
*Ultra smooth and powerful 4 cylinder motor,
* fully padded work area for comfort.
* Featuring custom Works Performance leading link suspension
* Adjustable Foxair suspension on camera platform.
* 1 1/4 inch or optional 1 1/2 inch speedrail mounting system,
* with adjustable cheese plate and mitchell mounts on board.
* Steadicam ready
* With your choice of either a right or left hand sidecar mounting, for tracking shoots on either side of the camerabike.

As this market grows, we can quickly expand our New Mexico inventory to meet any expanding needs. Which can be done easily because we are already famous for the design and manufacture of our own unique state of the art stunt systems and supplies.

When needed, we also have the ability to quickly move those specialty items or supplies from our Hollywood headquarters. So no matter how technical the show\'s action becomes, we can ultimately provide a workable solution locally in New Mexico.

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01-10-2009 - MTV double building climb and descend
Our 9 man team put together a really fun double rope hoist and descend system for the popular worldwide TV series parental controls. It was our second time on the LA film school building, which is an amazing location for this type of work.

Using the existing J-Arm window washing system at the LA film school tower. It made for fast and fun stunt rigging for our crew. We sent one of our stunt team up and down both systems several times before the MTV people arrived. Which allowed them to jump right into filming saving the company a bunch of time.

Each side consisted of a dual rope system, one rope through a climbing device. Then the other rope, through a special motorized drum, which can be used for either hoisting or repelling. Each system could be used independently if needed, which provided a double redundant safety factor for the MTV cast.

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01-10-2009 - Bollywood project in Philly
Action director Phil Tann brought me to Philly Pa. along with his stunt team to participate in the biggest budget Bollywood film so far. While we were there we did a car chase and a shoot out with the American stunt team playing New York City cops.

Between takes, we set a few US stunt people on fire, just to stay warm in the freezing Philly temperatures. Then we gave our Indian stunt team a demo of our new Super Gel " Fire-Ice" by setting their hands on fire.

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12-08-2008 - Yoni Roch shirtless Fire burn using our fire stunt gel
French stuntman Yoni Roch sent us this outstanding picture of one of his shirtless full body burns using our new Fire-Ice fire stunt gel. While Yoni was here, we did some nice shirtless fire burns with the top of his head on fire.

This picture shows that Yoni has gone even farther, doing a full burn shirtless. Nice, Yoni.

You can also see this amazing fireburn on Youtube by searching Yoni Roch Le Feu a la peau, which means the fire on the skin.

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12-04-2008 - Airbag design and test day
We hosted an "advanced Airbag design and test day" at our world famous Leavittation stunt lab. Which is the home of some of the greatest breakthroughs in modern stunt technology. Where we are constantly in a dedicated search for more knowledge and a better understanding of the advanced techniques and technology needed for bigger, better and safer stunts.

Our focus has now turned to creating a better Airbag. There are several design concerns we are addressing, which offer increased performance in this piece of popular stunt equipment.

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11-21-2008 - Bull riding trainer for MTV
Finding something crazy for MTV to shoot is always easy, the real challenge working for MTV is making that stunt exciting, visual, yet safe for everyone involved.

Some of the toughest men on the planet are bull riders, these rodeo stars are mighty men, who risk their lives on some of the meanest and most powerful animals alive. Our task was to keep our cast safe on one of these crazy systems used by the rodeo stars.

Even the bull riding trainers, must be difficult to ride and dangerous, if these men of steel are to use them to improve their riding skills. Our challenge was to create one of these trainers, while keeping our cast safe.

How we managed this task was by using an adjustable tension bungie system, which could adapt to the weight of each rider. By using fork lifts as hard ties, we could also adjust the ride height for each rider, creating the perfectly tuned bull for any rider.

Under the bull, we put 26" of open cell foam port-a-pits, which broke the fall of the riders. This combination created the perfect adjustments and fall protection for our bull riding trainer.

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11-21-2008 - World's biggest slip and slide
We put together the World's largest and longest slip and slide for MTV! Using a huge 2000 gallon dump tank on top of a football field sized slip and slide. Riders rocketed down a steep boat launch ramp and into a lake. Turbocharged by the 2000 gallons of water pressure pushing them down the slide.

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11-13-2008 - New Fire resistant human face hood
We have just done our first full burn with our new silicone face hood. The new hood is cast off a human head and is sculpted in 100% fire resistant silicone.

It includes oversized neck flaps, which can be tucked into protective fire retardant clothing and costumes, for that extra added protection. Our first prototype also includes an opening at the crown of the head in case there is a sudden need to remove the fire resistant hoods.

This however is an added option! The hood is cast as a complete head covering, with the escape hatch as an added option we are in the process of fully testing.

The fire resistant human face hood, allows a stuntman to use a sealed gelled nomex/carbonX hood, soaked in fire gel. Yet gives the camera an appearance that the person doing the fire stunt is hoodless, which adds another layer of safety and realism during fire stunts.

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11-12-2008 - Laura Croft rig for MTV
We put together this cool Laura Croft "Tomb raider" rig for MTV. It's a bungie rig, that allows people to jump 15 or more feet in the air, with some nice zero G hang time at the top.

We have also built this set-up with an air powered assist in the past. Allowing jumps of 20 to 25 feet in the air. However the practical restraints of this job prevented us from adding the extra hardware.

With or without the air powered assist, this is one fun rig to ride!

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11-05-2008 - Fire ice pictures
French stuntman Yoni Roch came all the way from Europe and tested our new Fire-Ice stunt gel. We did a series of body burns with Yoni which were a lot of fun for us. Plus provided him with a good idea of what can be done with this new product.

We are constantly working hard toward a better blend, that is not only better for protection for the stunt person. But is also better for hiding the gel from the eye of the camera.

For me this is one of the most exciting areas of research and development for stuntwork. Since, fire is one of the most important areas of the visual art for all filmmaking. The other side of the equation is the danger of fire to the stunt person. Any way to keep our fellow stuntmen and Women safer from fire is indeed and important step forward for the industry.

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11-05-2008 - Rocket powered office chairs
Using compressed co2, we created rocket powered office chairs for MTV. Overall the look was great, and the rocket chairs worked really well. They also proved to be a blast to ride for our cast.

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11-05-2008 - MTV Olympic pool body boarding
Using our new long stroke ratchet, we pulled our MTV cast the length of an Olympic size swimming pool on boogie boards. Using a 2 to 1 compound system, it allowed us to safely skim the cast across the surface of the water, yet place them exactly on an end mark in the pool.

As far as we know, nobody has ever put together a system like this for pool use. After the shoot, the lifeguards from the pool, had a go on the system. They loved it as we really cranked up the pressure and rocketed them across their pool.

The use of our exclusive flow controls, provided an amazingly smooth yet powerful pull through the power range. The cast was required to hold onto a water ski rope, for their propulsion, without these amazing flow controls and progressive power output, it would have been impossible for the cast to hang onto the ski rope. without such controls, it would simply be ripped out of their hands.

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11-05-2008 - MTV human hockey puck
MTV is always having us come up with unusual stunts for their Parental Controls dating show. For this show we created a bungie rig to pull people into a hockey net, quickly yet safely.

We used the Zamboni as a pick point and created a finely tuned surgical rubber pulling system, to drag the daters across the ice and into the goal. With careful use of limit lines and the tunable bungie pull system, we could crate a controlled pull into the net, without any danger to our cast. Yet maintain a high speed look!

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11-05-2008 - Triple ratchet for Breaking Bad
Stunt Coordinator Al Goto had us put together a great triple ratchet stunt for the popular cable show Breaking Bad. In the sequence we had 3 stuntmen on ratchets for an explosion scene.

We pre-rigged and tested our wraps and pressures at the new ABQ studio complex in New Mexico. Then took the whole act out on location the following day.

The whole rig and FX turned out flawless because of the pre-rig day, which allowed us to work out our angles, wraps, pick points and pressures.

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11-05-2008 - MTV stunt driving
For us this was about the most fun we have ever had with MTV. The network provided us with a police car, a great parking lot and allowed us to bring one of our drift car fleet out, to create a small police chase.

Everyone really had a blast, including the daters who got to skid around in a police car. While I had a full day of drift car practice, while being paid. You have to love it!

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10-02-2008 - Fire burn pictures
Here's a few more Cool-fuel, Fire-Ice pictures. The stuntwoman is using only Fire-Ice, our new super gel to protect her from the flames placed directly on her arm. She is wearing no protective fire prof clothing or gloves, the fire is directly on her skin.

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09-22-2008 - Fire-Ice/ Cool-Fuel test day
We have just completed another test day of our newest combination of Fire-Ice and Cool-Fuel working together. Here's the results in pictures! The only protection on the bare skin of the stuntwoman was our new Super gel, which we call Fire-Ice.

On the Fire-Ice stunt gel we used the latest formulation of our new low temp stunt fuel called Cool-Fuel, which burns at a lower temperature than other fuels used in stuntwork. Yet the fuel has an excellent flame and look, while being much less toxic than most other fuels used for stunts.

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09-19-2008 - AMA Hall of fame museum
The burning police bike that Lane rode up the stairs in the classic Sci-Fi movie T-2. Has been put on display, in the new "Motorcycles in the movies" wing of the motorcycle Hall of Fame and museum in Ohio.

The bike was donated to the AMA by Lane and Debbie, who have been supporters of the motorcycle hall of fame for a long time. Debbie's TY-175 Yamaha competition bike is also on loan and on display at the motorcycle Hall of fame museum.

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09-19-2008 - Dyna Pep
Our stunt team did an interesting spot for a new energy product, called Dyna Pep. Unlike Redbull Dyna Pep is not a drink but an energy and focus shot, without carbs, calories, or sugar.

In the spot, we used our new ultra high performance mini-tramp, Lane just completed. We used the new tramp to jump and then flip over a car, plus for some green screen insert work.

This new Mini Tramp uses a larger than normal bed, with full size trampoline springs. It's designed for adult stuntmen, while other normal size Mini tramps are built for gymnasts. Who for the most part are much smaller than most stuntmen.

Because this mini tramp was built with stunts in mind, not gymnastics. It produces much more punch for a full size stuntman. It's a project that Lane has been wanting to do for quite sometime, but he's only lately been able to get around to building.

This new mini tramp has been so successful, it's a project that Lane should have developed a long time ago.

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09-18-2008 - Chocolate News
Lane just played a part on the new Comedy Central show Chocolate News. In a Jerry Springer style skit, Lane rushes onto stage looking for a fight with a chair in hand.

During the taping however an unexpected surprise added to the fun. An LAPD member thought Lane was for real and rushed onto stage and arrested Lane for real. The situation was quickly defused however when the stage manager told the police officer that Lane was actually part of the act.

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09-12-2008 - St. John of Las Vegas fire burn
While I was in Switzerland we provided the stunt team from St. John of Las Vegas with 5 gallons of our new Fire-Ice heat barrier gel. They sent me this neat picture of the burn they pulled off while I was in Europe.

How they did the burn was by using nomex under their fire suit soaked with Fire-Ice gel. Inside the suit was piping attached to a propane source, which could be controlled by the FX department, creating any size flame they desired.

If the stuntman got hot, they could simply shut off the fuel source with a valve. The system seemed to have worked great for this shot, mainly because the burning man was seated the whole time. Propane piped in is a great idea for shots like this where the stuntman is in a stationary position.

The one addition to the stunt I would have included, if I had been involved in the shot, would have been a water cooling system. Which also would have been fed though piping like the fuel was. That would have made the burn sustainable for an even greater amount of time and added an additional layer of safety.

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08-28-2008 - Puma tennis shoe
Our stunt team had a blast doing a Puma Tennis shoes still shoot. It included runners, breaking through tempered glass windows, free running in, around and through fire. Plus some falls off exploding cars.

We used our newly build, oversized mini-tramp, plus put our new Fire-Ice heat barrier gel on the free runners as they jumped through fire.

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08-28-2008 - 09 Stuntplayers directory add
Here's a peek at our 2009 Stunt Players directory ad, with Daniel and Lane doing a body burn, while arm wrestling.

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08-16-2008 - Swiss trip
Brian Munce and Lane made a trip to the Swiss foothills for a coupe of projects with Oliver Keller and K-stunts. While there they managed to do a car chase, a shootout, a train wreck and even managed throw a stunt girl off a ferry boat.

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08-01-2008 - Chuck Borden fire burn
Longtime stuntman Chuck Borden sent us this picture of an outstanding open face fire burn he did using our new heat barrier gel "Fire-Ice". Somewhere in that big torch is Chuck at the top of this edge.

The fire burn lead into a high fall on fire, NICE! Chuck said that the flames after the fall were over 20 feet high off his body.

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07-24-2008 - New fire gloves
We have just produced a new firestunt glove, that looks exactly like a human hand. The new glove is an excellent heat barrier, while giving the elusion that the stuntman wearing them is gloveless during the scene.

The gloves can also be used for other stunts where hand protection is needed, like breaking though tempered glass windows. Giving the stuntman protection from the cuts and lacerations they always receive doing these types of stunts.

The gloves are make from a hand casting done by an Oscar winning make up artist. The artist injects heat and fire resistant silicone over a thin glove liner for strength and durability.

Flexibility and hand movement is excellent, making it possible to do precise hand movements while wearing the gloves.

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07-23-2008 - Our buddy Phil plays with the new gel
Lane gives Long time stuntman Phil Colutta a demo of our new Fire-Ice heat barrier gel. Phil, who has done a lot of firework, Gave the new product a try on the set of Hollywood/Bollywood between takes. Phil did burns with gel only, with both our new Cool-Fuel and with rubber cement.

Phil really liked the results and wants to give the new product a try for his next body burn stunt.

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07-23-2008 - Vegas Endurocross
Our stunt team made the trip to Vegas to support some of our buddies racing the trials cross. We ran the pits for several riders and took in some great motorcycle racing action.

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07-23-2008 - Bollywood/ Hollywood
Spiro gave us the chance to put together an interesting double cable fall for the biggest budget Bollywood movie of all time. In the film, which takes place in a movie, the star plays the part of a stuntman. In a way it's an Indian version of Hooper.

Our unique set-up started with one stuntman on a desender, while the star of the movie is on two Gold Tail deaccellorators. Which allows him to break through the window with the other stuntman and stop at the 3 story edge of the Paramount back lot set, before he tosses the stuntman to the ground.

We cut, then the star of the movie does a desender fall past camera as another actor pops up into frame and delivers lines. Another actor playing the director of the film yells cut, and our lead who really does the big stunt, pops up and starts talking to the other actor, who in the film plays the person our lead is the stunt double for. Hey, it's all in a days work for a Bollywood stuntman.

Over all it was a very fun day, plus a very unique shot and gag to be involved in.

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07-23-2008 - Run for her life
Lane made a trip to New Mexico to help put together a very technical motorcycle and child hit for the Guess Jeans feature film, "Run for her Life"

The motorcycle hit began a car chase between an ambulance and a Chevy Caprice, which made for some really great automotive action.

How we pulled off this difficult shot, was by using our articulated child stunt dummy. Putting an 8 year old child in the shot was much to dangerous, so the perfect solution was our action articulated child stunt dummy.

The effect was fantastic, the hit looked real, and pushed the dummy right into the lens of the camera. Creating the perfect, cut for the overlap with the child actor.

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06-26-2008 - New book about stunt work features Debbie
Our own Debbie Evans has been featured in a new book call "The Full Burn" by Kevin Conley. It's a book about stunt people, telling the story of our profession, at work, at home and while playing.

Debbie also just did a live radio talk show here in LA on the subject of the book along with author Kevin Conley. Kevin was also recently a guest on George Nory's all night radio show, which was a nice break from their usual topics of flying saucers, astro projection and other such other worldly subjects.

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06-25-2008 - Cool Fuel and Fire Ice testing
Here's a peek at some of the testing of our new Cool Fuel / Fire Ice fuel-gel combo. This new gelled fuel is designed to be used with the new semi flat clear sheen, Fire-Ice stunt gel. That we have been using with great success in our recent fire stunts.

Cool-Fuel burns at a much lower temperature than conventional fuels used in body burns. This allows for longer burn times and more stability as to where the fuel is placed. Which means less drips and running of burning hot fuel on the set or stuntman.

Cool-Fuel is also much less toxic, which makes it ideal for indoor burns. Cool-Fuel does not put off the horrible black smoke that most oil or glue based fuels produce.

Burn durations have been amazing! Our longest burn on the skin without Nomex or CarbonX. Using only the Cool-Fuel and the Fire -Ice stunt gel. Has been a remarkable 13 minutes and 29 seconds.

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06-25-2008 - New long stroke racthet
Our new long stroke ratchet system has just gone into service. It can be used for flying systems, pulling stunt people on wires or moving objects at high rates of speed through a shot.

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06-23-2008 - New Hydraulic slide brake system for our drift cars
We have just installed the first prototype of our new hydraulic slide brake system. Putting it into one of the Nissan 240SX S-13s of our drift racer fleet.

It uses a hand activated 3/4" master cylinder that operates the rear master wheel cylinders, independently from the normal brake system. The new slide brake replaces the normally unreliable manual cable operated hand brake system that comes with production cars.

Our goal is to produce a more controlled slide system by eliminating the cable stretch that always happens in the standard parking brake when it is used for stunt driving and drifting.

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05-18-2008 - 1%
We are working on a new HBO pilot called 1% about outlaw motorcycle gangs. For the show we did extensive motorcycle training with the cast which was a lot of fun for both us and the actors.

We also did a series of body burns, some small fights, and a nice motorcycle crash, when the bike was hit by a pick-up truck after running a stop sign.

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05-12-2008 - Dunkindonuts
For this TV add we used Dodger Stadium as the backdrop for an outfielder slamming through a fence, while attempting to catch a fly ball. Our rigging crew put the performer on a wire and flew him through the fence, sticking him.

We used a combination of a Hong Kong hand pull and a bungie trap system to keep the stuntman "stuck" in the fence.

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05-12-2008 - Levi's add
Our rigging crew provided some Hong Kong style jumping and flying for a new Levi pants TV spot. We used the Monster Movie crane as a pick point in the sky to allow our cast to jump and leap around the set, showing off their cool pants.

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04-19-2008 - Double leap with high fall
For the TV series Criminal Minds, our stunt team put together a double leap across a 14' gap between two buildings in downtown LA. The jump is part of a foot chase that leads to a rooftop, where there is no place to escape, except to attempt leaping across to the next building.

The sequence is scripted that the bad guy, jumps failing to make the gap, which slams him into the other building. Where he clings on for life while the star jumps over him, clearing the gap. Then in an attempt to save the bad guys life, the star scrambles to return to the bad guy, only not in time. So the star watches in horror as the bad guy falls 70 feet to his death.

How we set up the stunts was with top wires on a truss system hung off a huge construction crane. As the stunt doubles jumped, we protected the bad guy top and in back from the impacts. Then gave the hero double a "turbo" boost at just the right moment, to make sure he cleared the gap.

For the fall we returned the next night, where we put the bad guy double on a desender/swing rig, that allowed us to do the fall 4 times with different camera angles and speeds.

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04-05-2008 - Moonlight ratchet stunts
On the new Warner Brothers TV series Moonlight, we have been putting our ratchets to great use. Some of the ratchets stunts we have performed include ratchet pulls from a handstand, crashing into a steel door. Plus some other interesting precision ratchet pulls forward in an attack mode. Through breakaway glass and crashing at high speeds into hard objects.

In the pictures is a cool ratchet where a vampire flies from the ground up to the top of a flight of stairs.

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04-05-2008 - Indiana Jones ratchet stunt
Lane had the great opportunity to help rig an amazing 4 man ratchet in the new Indiana Jones movie. The stunt is being featured on the movie trailer.

For the pulls, two of our long stroke calibrated soft pull computer controlled ratchets, flew two stuntmen on each ratchet in a simulated truck hit.

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04-05-2008 - Zohan fat suit stunt
Lane put on a few pounds for a cool stunt on the new Adam Sandler movie, "Don't mess with the Zohan".

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04-01-2008 - Debbie visits California museum
While in the State capitol we visited the California museum which featured women in our state who have added greatly to the states culture. The exhibit was put together by Arnold's wife and featured a section which included women in the motion picture business.

The women in Hollywood section of the exhibit included women directors, producers, actors, designers plus Jeanie Epper and Debbie as the only two stuntwomen in the exhibit.

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04-01-2008 - World motorcycle Wheelie record
Our stunt team is in the process of training for the world Wheelie record! The current record is held by a Japanese motorcycle trials rider, who managed to wheelie 208 miles on his trials bike before falling over in extreme body cramps.

For our attempt we are going to use a 4 stroke single dual sport bike, because we feel we need the extra speed to keep the overall time down down. Our goal is 50MPH average, which will make the 250 miles a five hour wheelie.

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03-20-2008 - Moonlight
The popular Warner Brothers TV series Moonlight had us come in and rig some interesting ratchet stunts. We used one of our new Soft Pull calibrated ratchets for a toss to a wall. Then using the same rig, we pulled the stuntman doing the first toss across the room with a front pick, to simulate a leaping attack on the first stuntman.

We also rigged a Hong Kong style wire flying rig, for the lead actor. Very similar to what is used on movies like Crouching Tiger or House of a 1000 daggers.

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03-17-2008 - Beer for my horses
Lane just returned from New Mexico working on the feature film "Beer for my Horses"! Starring Toby Keith and Ted Nugent.

While on location the stunt crew with Lane's aid, did a neat shoot out in a bar, which included a ratchet, a nice fire burn and some other fun stunts. Outside stunts included a truck turnover on the ramp in the picture, and one of our stuntmen being tossed off a flat bed truck.

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03-17-2008 - Olympic Champion Dana Hee
1988 Olympic Gold Medalist Dana Hee is incorporating a hand burn into her next speech using our new Fire-Ice stunt gel. Dana will light her hand on fire while giving a speech on how important it is to have passion and fire in your heart.

Dana's co-speaker is Hollywood tough guy Chuck Norris.

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03-03-2008 - Fire awareness seminar for United Stuntwomen
We had 10 of the members from the United Stuntwomen's Assn. come and participate in our fire awareness seminar. This class is designed to widen anyone's knowledge of this dangerous element of our industry.

We covered how to "dance" with a fire. What are the elements of a fire. The types of fuels used in stuntwork. The science of the new heat barrier gels, then gave the girls a chance to be on fire and then how to put someone out when their doing a burn.

The purpose of our Fire awareness seminars is to keep our fellow stunt performers safer. After all knowledge is power!

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02-20-2008 - Power Quick motorized rope climbing system for MTV
Power Quick is an amazing motorized rope climbing system that is used by our Special Forces, to climb assault ropes quickly and silently on their missions. We had the chance to put two of these great little units through its paces on the 120' LA Film School building.

These little units can lift up to 800lbs and can be used to hoist people and gear. Which makes it an ideal movie and TV Prop for Military or rescue scenes.

We used the Power Quick systems to have two of our cast members climb the side of the LA Film school's glass tower on Sunset and Vine in Hollywood. The motorized system was not only cool, but made the climb fun and easy.

The Power Quick made it possible for us to have two people with no climbing experience climb safely and quickly up this skyscraper. Something impossible with normal climbing equipment.

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02-20-2008 - MTV over lake swing
We set up a cool Tarzan swing, off a large crane for MTV's Parental Control. A nice twist for this stunt was having the big swing over the Sable Ranch lake.

It was a little harder to rig with the element of water, but it was worth the extra effort to bring the lake and mountains into the backdrop of the stunt.

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01-09-2008 - MTV Parental Control
We put together a cool air powered sling shot for an episode of Parental Control to launch automotive parts. The idea was to create as much destruction as possible and try to break the windows out of some car doors.

The system used a 36" stroke ram, with a high pressure valve for a controller, which was fired with a momentary button. This was mated to an endless dual rope system to create a basket to sling the auto parts as far as 50 feet out into a stack of wrecked vehicles.

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12-22-2007 - Free running for Sprio
One of our favorite directors Sprio Razatos had us put together a nice free running gone bad sequence. It starts with a drunk youth walking out on a beam, then attempting to jump from one building to another on the Warner Brothers back lot.

The jumper fails to make the distance in the script, so he's left hanging on the side of the building. Until he has to let go, falling 28' to the ground below.

For the stunt we rigged a 90' crane overhead as a pick point for a safety on a capstan. Then had the double jump across the gap holding him in the air for protection. Then our actor did the same walk and jump for the closeup.

For the fall we used our new desender, allowing the stuntman to fall the 28' past camera. Which completed the whole sequence quickly and safely allowing the company to shoot other important shots at the location.

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12-13-2007 - Kid Physics for MTV
Something I've always wanted to do was fill large helium balloons to do big jumps and fly. Finally I had the chance to do exactly that for MTV's Parental Controls.

The system worked beyond our expectations giving us jumps from 10 to 25 feet high Using large advertising balloons. One jump was so high that if I had not pulled the jumper back to earth, they would have floated off into the sunset.

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12-03-2007 - Bud Ekins memorial at Warner Brothers
We had the honor of attending the Bud Ekins memorial at the Warner Brother's theater to honor the life of this motorcycle legend and famous stuntman. Bud was a pal of Debbie's and It was Debbie's first outing since her 2 week hospital stay. So she was very glad not to have missed the tribute.

The place was packed with about one hundred people left standing outside. Not even Tonight Show host Jay Leno could get in the place it was so full.

The back lot New York street was full of antique motorcycles ridden to the event. Then out front were two of the Mustangs used in the Bullet car chase, which Bud did part of the driving in.

The theater marque posters where of Bud's racing days. During which he he won 3 gold medals at the International Six days. Also out front was the Triumph twin he used to jump the fence in the famous motorcycle jump he did in the Steve McQueen film "The Great Escape."

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12-02-2007 - Black Diamond
Daniel had a great acting job on the new comedy 1970's flashback movie "Black Diamond." Daniel played the part of a school bully and got to do a nice stunt being tossed out a window along with his two henchmen.

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12-02-2007 - Debbie hurt on Yes Man set.
Sadly Debbie had a really bad stunt accident on the new Jim Carry movie "Yes Men." She was riding double on a Aprilla Scooter going the wrong way against traffic, when she and her passenger were hit by an on coming car.

Her passenger was thrown over the car onto the ground but Debbie took the full blow of the car on her right side. Fracturing her hip joint, breaking her had, hurting her knee and neck.

She spent 2 weeks in the hospital but she is now home on the mend. In all her years of stuntwork, this is the biggest crash she has ever had. Thankfully she was not hurt worse than she was.

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11-02-2007 - TNT Maize of Brazil
The entertainment show TNT Maize of Brazil came and interviewed Debbie for their popular TV show covering Hollywood. Debbie talked to them about stunt work, the movies she has been involved in and how she trains for stunts.

Debbie also did a several minute hand burn using our new Fire-Ice heat barrier gel and our newly developed Cool-Fuel. While giving her interview at the same time.

We have done a lot of interviews for various TV shows over the years. This however was the first time anyone in our family have ever done an interview while being on fire.

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10-28-2007 - Zohan mega ratchet stunt
The new Adam Sandler movie Zohan is using 8 of our soft pull ratchets for a fight scene. To have enough equipment, the Lane Leavitt workshop had to put together 3 more of our "Calibrated soft pull ratchets.

For the stunt Sandler is swinging a bad guy by the hands in a circle. While the 8 other bad guys get ratcheted as their pal swings around and hits them in the head. Not only is the swinging stuntman on a wire but each of the other stuntmen in the shot are on a ratchet with their own button.

Each stuntman must push his own button at exactly the right time, otherwise the shot is no good. To make it tougher, each ratchet is a "twisty ratchet" which means that the stuntman is wound up in the cable. So that he spins as he is pulled.

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10-28-2007 - X-3 experimental 4 cylender airramp
Taking full advantage of our new "Smooth Ride" Technology, the latest innovation from the Lane Leavitt workshop is the radical X-3 airramp. This machine is the first 4 piston dual stage airramp ever built.

Using the Smooth Ride technology developed with the X-1 and the ajustable takeoff of the X-2 airramp, the X-3 pushes the envelope even farther. With more horsepower and 4 pistons the X-3 is an interesting experiment in airramp design.

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10-26-2007 - Biggest airram call in a long time!
We had a huge airramp call on a new TV series, with a total of 10 machines out on our Warner Brother's ranch set. In the scene an entire FBI swat team is taken out, then tosses their bodies in a pool.

We used an underwater camera, then airramped some of the best young stuntpeople in Hollywood, one right after the other into the pool.

It made for a very unique shot, with the main angle being from underwater and from directly above, down into the pool.

For the final shot, we used four airramps, with 2 riders going off each machine. Except for the airramp nearest camera, where we had 3 riders, using our unique automatic refill system to keep the pressure consistent.

On action the first stuntman rode that machine with the auto refill. Then as soon as the platform came back down, the next person hit the airramp and flew into the pool, then when it returned, the final person flew off that same airramp and we cut. During which everyone hit the other 3 machines, which made a grand total of 9 airramp rides into the pool for the shot.

The challenge of the stunt, was making sure the timing was right. So that camera saw a constant rain of bodies into the pool one right after the other. Then the next issue after the timing was placement of the hits, making sure that nobody landed on anybody else and camera liked what it saw.

Overall, it's about the biggest airramp day I've ever been involved in! Believe me, I've been involved in quite a few of them in the past 25 years. There is little doubt that this is the biggest airramp/airram shot that has been done in a very, very long time.

The network is so pleased with the action on the series, that they want a greater number of big stunts in the coming episodes. Which we like because it means we get to create some really fun and cool new stuff.

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10-11-2007 - Lead actress deaccellorator fall
Summer the lead in a new TV series, we are involved with. Did a nice deaccellorator fall from the top of a blue screen to the ground.

We worked out the fall with her stunt double, then had the actress jump in and do several takes stepping to the edge. Then jumping to the ground.

Summer did a great job and we all had a blast putting together this unique stunt.

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10-07-2007 - Saving Grace
Rebecca Leavitt and Donna Evans "Debbie's sister" did a nice water sequence for director Connie Stevens on the feature film Saving Grace. Filmed on location in Missouri Donna doubled Tatum O'Neal and Rebecca doubled Evie Thompsom.

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10-07-2007 - Wanted car chase
Debbie again doubled Angelina Jolie, this time driving a Dodge Viper.

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10-06-2007 - Stunt training
Aston Moio and Daniel doing double high falls and high wire training at Bob Yerke's.

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10-05-2007 - Velcro wall for MTV
We installed a 35foot high Velcro wall for MTV and had a couple climb up the wall wearing suits that would stick to the wall as they climbed. It wasn't easy making the climb but with some rest between takes and with the help of a belay line everyone made it up the big climb fairly easily.

Our rig used a two line belay system, one the French style and the other a Hong Kong style system. That way we had complete control over the two people climbing the wall.

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10-03-2007 - Tricky plastic bag burn
Kim Koskie had us help him put together a tricky fire burn with a plastic bag over the head of the stuntman. We used our latest version of our fire gel "FIRE-ICE" to not only cover stuntman Tommy Primo's nomex with but also to prevent the plastic bag from melting.

Tommy also did the burn with bare arms, with only the gel protecting his bare skin.

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10-01-2007 - Mastercard World
Debbie just did a Mastercard World spot, where she drove a nice vintage Porsch Boxer.

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09-30-2007 - Aston Moio and Daniel, Back yard training

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09-21-2007 - MTV Parental Control skitching day
We created a Skitching day for MTV where we had two people sliding behind a 2007 Toyota Tundra. Using a double boom layout, full harnesses and double pick points. We were able to reach 15MPH in total safety.

The couple not only had a blast, it looked really cool.

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09-19-2007 - Hero's fire burn test day
Hero's stunt coordinator Tim Gilbert came and worked out a really tough fire burn sequence with us. It will include a stairfall on fire and the actor doing an arm burn.

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06-02-2007 - X-2 BIG AIR ajustable air-ramp
Our newest air-ramp design, the X-2 just had it's first test day at Bob Yerke's open stunt training day. Some of Hollywood's top up and coming stunt performers had a chance to put this new revolutionary ajustable ride air-ramp through it's paces.

The concept of the machine is to provide huge jumps outside previous airram/airramp design capabilities, with the smoothest ride imaginable. Plus it provides a unigue ajustable power delivery system to suit anyone's riding style. Making the new X-2 more user friendly to everyone who rides.

Overall the macines first performance was amazing, with huge jumps. Precios Jenkens did some really big HANG TIME jumps, easily out to 30 feet or more.

Why this new machine is so differnt than other pnumatic airram/airramp launch systems is it's ajustable take off feature and unique geometry. The jumper can either choose an ultra progressive push or they can dial out the progression to their liking.

The X-2 uses all the newly discovered smooth ride technology we pioneered in our X-1 experimental airramp. With further pnumatic and geometry breakthroughs which brings out more performance both in height and distance. Yet maintaining an ultra progressive and smooth ride, not seen in any past airram/airramp designs.

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05-26-2007 - British Broadcasting Corp's stunt profile
BBC 1 came to Hollywood to profile young stunt performer Kendra McCulty for their TV program "Blue Peter." Kendra had a part in the Eddie Murphy movie "Norbert" as one of the kids who flys out of a moon bounce.

Stunt coordinator for the film, Andy Gill walked the show's host Konnie Huq through the scene revealing how they put the stunt together. Konnie actually had the courage to step into a harness and play the part of the other kid next to Kendra.

We flew both Konnie and Kendra high into the air on wires. Then had both of them drop from a trapeze onto pads to recreate the action for this part of the film.

Konnie and Kendra also did swords, tramp, some falls,cable pulls and the Russian swing for the BBC program.

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05-23-2007 - Indian action star Jacky Bhagnani comes for stunt training
We had the pleasure of giving Jacky Bhagnani a crash course in stuntwork for his up coming action film. We covered all the basics of stuntwork, including fights and falls. Then even put Jacky on fire so he would understand another important element of action movie work he will soon face.

Jacky is planning on returning as often as possible. So that we can make his action acting skills deeper and sharper.

Jackie learns fast, so we expect great things from this new Bollywood star.

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05-23-2007 - European stunt teams visit Leavittation
We had the pleasure of having a visit from our old pals from Action Concept. The German stunt team that has won best action in a non-American film every year so far at the world stunt awards. Their team is sponsored by BMW and they are able to do some amazing car stunts with their factory support.

Also visiting us was Rene Gaemers from Holland, who has designed a revolutionary new pad system for stuntwork. His products can be seen at www.stuntpadding.com.

They all came while we were giving stunt training to Indian actor and soon action star Jacky Bhagnani of Bombay India. Which made for an amazing international line-up at our office. The nationalities included Dutch, German, Indian, Turk, English and Russian. Stuntwork has truly become an international business.

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05-23-2007 - Drifting demo with US National Champion
Debbie and Samuel Hubinette our USA Drifting Champion gave an amazing drifting demo for the Premier of the new video game " Stuntman Ignition." In the game, your the Hollywood stuntman!

Samuel and Debbie gave an amazing drifting demo! With the two cars doing nose to nose donuts on the rooftop of the Warner Hollywood studio's parking structure. In the climax, Samuel did an amazing full throtle donut standing outside the car on the door jam, tires smoking so badly that both the car and the driver are lost in the smoke clooud of burning rubber.

Samuel's 750 horse power factory sponsored Dodge Charger, woke all of Hollywood with it's ground shaking supercharged hemi power. Debbie drove her DebbieEvans.com 240sx and did a great job of keeping up with Samuel, even though her car only puts out about 125 horse power.

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05-23-2007 - Debbie wins 5th World Stunt Award
Jumping a 65 Ford Mustang down a flight of stairs in Sidney for Superman Returns. Then weaving though people on sidewalks along with crashing through traffic, earned Debbie her 5th World Stunt award.

Debbie also was one of the presenters for the lifetime acheivement award for her mentor, "Wonderwoman" Genie Epper.

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05-12-2007 - Fire awareness seminar
Professional stuntman Precious Jenkins attended our two day "fire awareness" seminar. The training gives an introduction for professional stuntpeople to this dangerous and exciting aspect of our profession.

Just like you cannot become a doctor in only two days, nobody can become an expert in fire safety for body burns in movie work that quick. The siminar does give you the basics, allows you to feel what it's like to be on fire, to put someone out and understand the dynamics of the flame.

The goal of the seminar is to help prevent future injuries on set! So stuntpeople understand what they might face doing stunts involving fire and take better steps to stop accidental burns. After all Knowledge is power!

Why I feel this is so important to the community, is that my wife was burned early in her stunt career by a poorly set up fire gag. She had to spend several weeks in the burn ward, She still carries those scars today.

If she would have been armed with the information we provide, she would not have had to suffer though those horrible injuries. So our goal is to help other young stunt people from having to go through a similar bad experince and to create a safer workplace.

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05-09-2007 - MTV Parental Control's Slide for life stunt
MTV hired us to do a cool "tandom" slide for life rig for their Parental Control series. The concept was a tandom slide for life while bombing a canvas with paint, creating a modern artwork peice.

The first pass plastic catsup bottles full of paint was used to paint the canvas. Next was water ballons full of paint, then full cans of colorful paint bombed the canvas.

Lastly the two fast flying painters used fully automatic paint guns to blast the canvas, much to the delight of the crew. As paint spashed high in the air like stones into a pond.

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05-04-2007 - MTV's Beat my dad
NFL superstar and former "World's Fastest Man" Willie Gault is featured in this new MTV pilot. In the show to win a date with Willie's daughter a suiter must out run Willie and place a football in the endzone. All the While Willie and the young suiter are being held back by a very cool bungie rig and harness system we put together for them.

If either Willie or the hopeful young dater fall or stumple they end up springing back on their behinds pulled by the powerful bungie system. Which forces them to get back up and start their run all over again.

If Willie wins, there's no date and his daughter goes home with him. If he loses, the young man gets to take his daughter out for a date.

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05-03-2007 - Swiss stunt team fire burn
Oliver Keller just sent us some pictures of the burn they did with our new "Smell of Money" heat barrier gel. We have been sponsoring Oliver's Swiss stunt team by providing them free product.

They in turn have been doing some really great fire burns and giving us some great feed back on this new safety product.

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04-30-2007 - MTV Pilot Singled Out
MTV's new pilot "Singled Out" which is hosted by former Miss USA Tara Conner and Ryan Stout is using a "Dump Them" trap door on their set. So MTV had us come in and provide a way to get the cast members though the door safely.

The 8 foot fall through the floor is a 42" round hole built on risers, which sends the dumped cast members down onto 32" of foam pads.

The trap door proved to be a lot of fun, so much so that the producers and the hosts also had a ride down "the hole."

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04-30-2007 - 150 foot Repel for MTV
We had a great time rigging a 150ft repel for MTV's series Parental Controls. SoCal's White's Point was the location on the Pacific ocean with some great views of Catalina Island in the background.

Our crew did the first two repels from a beley station on the cliff. So that we could "clear" the site of any loose rocks and vegitation. Then our two cast members did 3 repels each, including one each with a helmet camera.

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04-21-2007 - Everyone hates Chris
Here's some additional photos from the fight blocking and shoot day. The boys also spent 2 hours in the gym working out the fight after their wrap before the fight shooting day.

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04-18-2007 - Everyone hates Chris
This is our amazing junior action actor crew of young up and coming stars. Ashton Moio, Wayne Dalglish, Wallace Dalglish and Daniel Leavitt. They all have been cast to play school bullies in the season opener of the hit TV series Everyone hates Chris.

In the show all the boys end up in a big fight with the toughest kid in Chris's school. Our boys are regular training partners at gymnastics and stunt training. Which makes working together on the hit TV series really fun for the guys.

These kids train really hard, including martial arts, at which Wayne is multiple world Champion. Gymnastics/tumbling, where all the boys are amazing. High falls "Up to 65 feet by Ashton"! Fights, swordwork, Russian swing, trampoline, mini tramp, double mini tramp, airramp and studio fights as a foundation.

Besides feature film and TV work, their acting training also includes student films, live plays, acting class and comedy improv. Which makes for some really well rounded young actors.

The day of the shoot it poured rain but the guys cowboyed up and didn't complain one little bit. Each of them had to hit the wet ground really hard several takes and then lay around in the wet cold street during the lead actor's dialog, soaking wet and cold.

These kids did an amazing job!

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04-13-2007 - Stanley cup stunt
One of our favorite coordinators, Tony Jefferson creates the action on Boston Legal. Tony had an interesting problem, he had to protect the oldest trophy in professional sports, the 104 year old Stanley Cup, "the trophy for the best National Hockey league team for the year."

In the sequence Boston Leagal star William Shatner accidently knocks the Stanley Cup over and onto the floor, from a desk. Tony gave us a call and we provided a nice stunt pad catcher for the priceless Stanley Cup Trophy.

The Stunt went great and our Canadian friends will be happy to know that the Cup came through the stunt without any damage what so ever.

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04-02-2007 - Criminal Minds Idaho hunting episode
Stunt Coordinator Tom Elliot brought us high up into the local mountains, to an old out of service Nike Missle base. Long since locked away from the public. It truly was a great adventure and a real peek into some amazing cold war history.

In between exploring the base, We hanged two stunt people as victoms of renegade hunters high in two pine trees. While the lead actors did dialog under the hanging stuntpeople. The Alpine setting outside Hollywood worked perfectly as the mountains of Idaho.

Most of the day we worked deep in the forest, with constant snowstorms blowing in. It was an amazing alpine adventure for being so close to Hollywood.

The story plot of the show is hunters in Idaho bow hunting people in the remote forests.

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04-02-2007 - Daniel and his comedy improv group perform at USC
Daniel's comedy improv group did a fantastic benifit show at the USC college of medicine. To raise funds to promote the awareness of head and neck cancer.

This unknown killer is the 6th most common form of cancer and is what killed baseball legend Babe Ruth. Yet few people understand or even know about the disease.

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03-17-2007 - Oliver Keller's Swiss stunt team
Our Pal Oliver Keller has been doing some interesting stunt work in Switzerland. Not only is he producing a popular TV show he has been organizing some events for the Microsoft corperation.

Oliver's Swiss stunt Team did these two burns and several others using our new "Smell of Money" heat barrier gel. While on location in Switerland.

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03-06-2007 - Free running for Arby's spot
We had a chance to put together a great free running sequence for an Arby's spot. Which will be a product tie in with the new Die Hard movie.

For the feature film top French free runners are cast as the bad guys, Which was really smart on the part of the Die Hard producers. These guys are amazing and several came and worked out with our stunt crew while they were filming in LA.

We would have cast the Frenchmen for the Arby's spot but they had already gone back to France! So we enlisted American free runner Mike Wilson, who was the same size as our actor cast to be our White and nerdy office worker for the spot.

Mike leaps accross a series of office cubes. Slides down a starway bannister and leaps and dives accross a series a tables in a chase caused by a fellow worker who steals his lunch.

Overall we had a BLAST doing the spot and showed that American stuntmen can also do the amazing new sport of free running. Which has now become so popular with US film makers.

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02-28-2007 - Shoot Em Up
Monty Simmons, Jimmy Hart, Tim Rigby "the stunt coordinator on the new Die Hard" and Lane are doing a bigger opening for this Feature Film. The movie was shot in Canada but the studios decided to put a BIGGER beginning to the project. So they added another shoot-out to the beginning of the film, which is being shot here in LA.

The action includes Tim Rigby sliding 45 feet accross the ground pulled by our 10 foot nitrogen ractchet on a 4 to 1 compound. Then a very cool airramp stunt where he is flung through 2 break-away windows on one of our ultra progressive airramps.

This unique airramp produces an ultra smooth ride, yet provides amazing performance. Why it's unique is it's progressive rising rate push! Which means that its push is very weak at the beginning of the throw, while it progresses in power as the machine continues through the stroke. So at the top of the stroke the push is VERY strong.

Why this works so well is because it allows the rider to ajust the flight angle. The stuntman can go either high and long or long and low. Which is not possible with airrams that push very hard at the beginning, which tend to POP the rider higher at the beginning of the stroke. Which can become a BIG problem in low head clearance situations like we faced in this stunt.

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02-28-2007 - Gene LeBell featured on Sarah Conner Chronicles
World Famous Judo Gene LeBell came and played the part of a secerity guard with us on Sarah Conner. Gene pictured on the right, David Kildie the Terminator Double in the middle and Lane is on left at our bank location.

Gene who is called "the toughest man alive" for good reason, also gave a Judo seminar for the local Judo club, that we had the pleasure to attend. Gene choked out a host of victoms and showed everyone some of his favorite finishing holds.

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02-04-2007 - The Sarah Conner Chronicles
Lane is in Albuquerque New Mexico filming a TV pilot about the story of Sarah and John Conner. The TV show which may go to series, details their lives between Terminator 2 and 3.

So far the show has had, a nice Police vs Terminator shoot out where Lane plays a cop who is killed by the Terminator. He's not the only dead cop however, Along with Lane, just about everyone else in sight took some heat from the Terminator.

Our next action sequence was a nice airramp with Drinda Moore, who is doubling Lena Headey as Sarah Conner. In this scene Owain Yeoman is the Terminator who confronts Sarah Conner, grabs her by the neck and then tosses her to the ground.

In the scene we put Drnida on our low profile "Indoor Airramp" which launches Drinda 13 feet through the air, giving the impresstion that the Terminator has Super Human strength.

Kevin Jackson is also on the show with Lane. They both had a chance to a pre-opening tour the New Ultra modern studio facilities just being completed in Albuquerque.

Stuntman Dave Kilde is doubling the Terminator and is a long time partner with our Leavittation stunt team. Dave is another successful young stuntman who got his early training and start in the stunt business, working with the Stuntrev stunt team.

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01-24-2007 - Scott Leva holding fire in his hand test
Academy Award winnning professional stuntman Scott Leva came by to see if he could hold fire in his hand, using only our new heat barrier gel between him and the flame.

This is the very first time we have tried putting fuel directly on the body only protected by our new gel. The gel will not prevent burns but does extend the time that a professional stuntperson can be exposed to an open flame or heat, so we had no idea what would happen.

Fire is one of the most dangerous elements of work for the professional stuntman. It's ever changing and a demanding part of professional stuntwork which should not be done without professional stuntpeople.

Our first tests were with thermocouple heat sensitive probes. The instuments proved that fuel could be layed onto the heat barrier gel and put on fire, while being kept at a resonable temperature.

Armed with hard facts, we then moved onto tests with small amounts of fuel on a gel soaked hand. Which gave us resonalbe time frames for what kind of protection the heat barrier could provide.

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01-18-2007 - VW Bug "man on a ledge" Spot
Sticking an actor on a ledge 7 stories in the air is fairly easy when you know what your doing. Otherwise, please don't try this yourself without professional help.

In this VW add, We used heavy duty span sets to tie off to the building. Then with the help of special 2000lb breaking strength 1/8inch, 7x19 strand blackened aircraft cable.
we placed a speical harness under the costume and connected our actor to our rig, so he could work safely near this abrupt building edge.

Our set overlooked the greater LA and Hollywood area and provided a fantastic panorama of the city. In the spot, the lead is ready to end it all by jumping but is talked down by the fantastic deals on the new Volkswagans.

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01-16-2007 - MTV Parental Control Drift Day
We had a lot of fun organizing a Drift Day for MTV's Parental Controls at our secret test track. For the spot the cast members had the chance to have a go at the amazing new Japanese sport of automoble drifting.

This new form of racing was featured in Fast and Furious 3 and has become our main training tool for stuntdriving.

Neither cast member had ever been in a Driftcar before and one had never even driven a stick shift. After a quick training course, they both were burning rubber safely with the best of them.

Debbie also made a guest appearance after the taping to give the producers a wild ride in her Debbie Evans. com 240sx Vitaminwater car. Which left everyone amazed and with some really big smiles on their faces.

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01-12-2007 - The Smell of Money heat barrier gel packaging finalized
The final packaging for our heat barrier gel has been finalized. It will consist of two 55oz containers of Nomex Blend gel and one 16oz container of Hand and face mix. Making one gallon of gel.

Our Hand and face mix is thicker so that it will stick to exposed skin better. While the nomex mix is thinner and contains more water, it's thinner for the reason the nomex nylon fire resistant underwear used for burns will soak up the heat barrier gel better. Giving a longer barrier against heat or flame.

Using thermocouple probes to test the effectiveness of the heat barrier gel. Thermocouple probes were subjected to an open flame which caused a reading of over 500 degrees in under 5 seconds.

The same probe dipped in The Smell of Money heat barrier get could be held under the same open flame for over 10 seconds while the probe read under 100 degrees. That's double the exposure time with only 1/5th the heat transfer.

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01-10-2007 - MTV Parental Control
We had the oppertunity to rig a "Big Swing" for the MTV show Parental Control at the ridge above Castaic lake. Using the new Monster Movie Crane we managed an 85 foot pick point at the edge of the ridge which the cast members did the large swing over.

At the apex, the exposure for the swning was about 100 feet high and made for a fast and easy stunt that thrilled the two cast members who rode the swing.

We also did a hand held POV shot with one of our stunt riggers. Which can be edited into the final version of the show.

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12-20-2006 - Training the Terminator
Stunt Coodinator/2nd Unit director Joel Kramer came by to prepare for a TV pilot dealing with what happens storywise between the movies Terminator 2 and 3. Of course the show will have tons of Terminator action just like the feature films.

The days testing put the T-1000 Terminator though its paces on our exclusive Indoor airramp pnumatic launch system. This unique airramp design has the lowest profile of any airramp in the industry making it easier to hide than any other pnumatic airramp.

The other unique feature of the Leavittation Indoor airramp, making it perfect for this show. Is the unique trajectory of the system that flys the stuntperformer in a long low arch. So critical indoors because of limited ceiling heights at many locations. Normal airramp systems are unuseable in low head clearance situations. Because they POP the stuntperson up, which would be a disaster in a low head height situation.

Our indoor airramp is designed to overcome this low head clearence problem by pitching the stuntperson long and low. Plus giving the added benifit of a wider camera angle at the performers take off point, because of it's amazingly low profile compared with other pnumatic airramps systems.

The new TV Pilot will be shot in New Mexico to take advantage of the state's excellent Movie and TV tax cuts and credits.

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12-20-2006 - Invasion of the body snatchers
Debbie has been cast to drive a jag sedan, while being attacked by zombies. This remake of the classic 1950s horror film "Invasion of the body snatchers" in being shot here in Hollywood.

She will be sliding and crashing the Jag with dozens of stuntpeople clinging to, then pitched off the outside of the sedan playing Zombies.

Other stuntpeople will be pulled with wires in simulated hits, using our Computerized ratchet timing system. Our Ratchet computer is capable of timing one or more hits down to 1/1000 of a second.

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12-03-2006 - Training with the World Champ
Daniel was fortunate enough to have a full days training with Sam Haslen and the new 125cc World Trials Champion, Alexz Wigg. The two Englishmen were brought to the USA by Adrian Lewis of Lewisport USA as part of their extensive training programs they have so expertly organized for US Trials riders.

These two riders are amazing both as fine young men and as world class athletes. Their training camp was top notch and they imparted some excellent pointers for some of Califorina's top motorcycle trials riders.

For more pictures go click on the photos button on our home page. Then go to Riding with the World Champ for additional photos of the session.

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11-30-2006 - DIRT
Using our motion control "flying man" winch Courtney Cox was dropped 23 feet right to the lens of the camera for a dream sequence. In the scene she walks off a building and falls!

The scene was started with her walking down green screen stairs and falling into pads. To continue, she was wired up on our motion control winch and raised and lowered quickly away and toward the lens.

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11-20-2006 - Drift Buffet event Nov. 19th
Drift Buffet hosted a great driftday at Pomona fairgrounds that we had a chance to attend. The new venue is excellent and is smack dab in the middle of town, allowing all sorts of shopping options, drive by spectators, parts and tire stores and a varity of diffent places to eat.

The surface is excellent for drifting and stunt driving practice and was easy on the tires which allows us to get more seat time. Which is what it's all about anyway.

Debbie did a great job in her DEBBIE EVANS. COM Nissan 240sx drift machine. Debbie really enjoys drifting and feels it gives her a safe and legal place to keep her driving skills tuned and ready for Hollywood.

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11-20-2006 - Pnumatic research program
Lane has been activly researching airramp, ratchet and power unit technolgy to improve our already world famous airramps. There has been great strides made in performance and smoothness upgrades on both the Airramp pnumatic jumping systems and the Leavittator, our exclusive verticle jump airramp.

We have also just tested and introduced the new X-1 Airramp which has to be the smoothest airramp ever built. Our test pilots reported during testing that the new X-1 model is so smooth that you cannot even feel the push during the jump.

The upgrades in performance and smoothness has been achieved through great attention to ergonomics and improved flow rates with our new power units.

Overall we have several new airramp and power unit designs. Giving an even wider performance profile for the Leavittation pnumatic jumping systems.

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11-17-2006 - John Ross using "The Smell of Money" heat resistant gel
We have named our new heat resistant gel "The Smell of Money" a phrase often used by stuntmen when they smell the unique aroma of heat resistant stunt gels.

Inside Stunts magazine owner John Ross volenteered to be our test pilot for the new product by performing several arm and back burns and this big burn twice as part of our ongoing testing program.

As you can see in the pictures we had a great time, a successful test and captured some amazing video and still shots of the burns.

We have been providing our co-workers the handy "stunt bag companion." Which is a pint container of the new heat barrier gel which can be carried in the performers stunt bag. For those just in case situations, where all of a sudden they need fire protection, yet don't have time to go and purchase it.

Because of the long shelf life of "The Smell Of Money" heat barrier gel. This handy stunt bag companion will prevent many future injuries to the comunity.

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11-16-2006 - Cold Case
Cold Case director David Barret and Stunt Coordinator Jimmy Ramano allowed us to help them create an amazing opening shot for one of their shows. We put 1st unit director David Barret in a harness and hung him 85feet in the air off the tip of a 40 ton Champion crane. Using our "Flying Man" motion control winch we dropped the director along with a hand held camera down past the rooftops and into an alley. All to reveal an extreme close up face shot of a stuntman playing a dead body, inside a 55 gallon drum.

The programed computer winch move allowed us to repeat with confidence the up and down movement at very high speeds. All to 1/10 of an inch of repeatability.

The shot stared wide with a view of the whole city, then tilted down and dropped at 10 feet per second past the rooftops, then into an alley and finally with an extreme close-up of the stuntman playing a dead body inside the 55 gallon drum.

Because of the ultra quick reset time of our motion control winch, the director was able to get several differnt takes in a hurry. Saving both time and opening a bigger door for him to be creative.

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11-16-2006 - Aston Moio and Daniel create an interesting new hi-fall
14 year old actor/stuntkid Aston Moio and 13 year old Daniel Leavitt have created an interesting new double hi-fall. The twist in this old standard is that one fall is long and the other fall is short creating a layered look. Traditional hi-falls are side by side, this new look has one performer falling over the top of the other.

They have also introduced an interesting double russian swing jump. They take off side by side and fly 35-to 40 feet though the air together then seperate for the landing.

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11-16-2006 - Medium TV series capstan cave fall
The TV series Medium had an interesting cave set where the actor slips, hangs and falls. We employed our capstan hoist and fall system to create a dramatic interaction between the two teen actors. Then as they do dialog and physical acting, one actor falls to the bottom of the cave.

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10-18-2006 - Visit from Argentina
We had a nice visit from Eduardo Cundom of FX Argentina. He is in the USA looking at stunt and FX technolgy and he came by to have a look at some of our gear.

We sent him home with a sample of our new fire resistant gel and introduced him to some of our stunt innovations like our airramps and ratchets.

We are often visited or contacted by film and TV professionals from around the world. It was great to meet Eduardo and enjoyed his insights to the industry in his country.

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10-17-2006 - Debbie interviewed for the Take It To the Limit movie reunion.
Film maker Peter Starr just completed a nice interview for the extra features and reunion showing of the amazing Motor Cycle racing movie "Take it to the Limit". Take it to the Limit is perhaps one of the greatest motorcycle racing movies of all time.

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10-17-2006 - Motion Control winch system
We are very happy to have obtained 2 state of the art Fisher Tech motion control winch systems. These winches can be programed to run to repeat moves to 1/10 of an inch. Or they can be used with an manual joystick, freestyle.

The winch has a 100' drum of 3/16" cable or Tech 12 and is the only winch approved for human flight by government occupational safety standards.

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10-17-2006 - New State of the Art desender/Hoist system
Our new desender and power return hoist system is now up and working. Fall speeds are perfect for TV and Movie work and it's automatic braking system works so well that a stuntperson can jump to the ground, land and run away without the aid of the brakeman.

The hoist system built into the desender will run foreward and backward at speeds of 0-4 feet per second. This makes the hoist faster than capstan return systems and can return the stuntperson back to the ground at what appears to be full fall speeds.

We have used the desender for falls, back beleys and for hoist work with up to 1000' feet of tech 12 line wound on the drum.

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10-17-2006 - Carram rampless turnover update.
Here's a few pictures of the latest work we are doing with the pnumatic rampless turnover system we are developing.

Our goal is to put a car together with a rollcage on the outside and inside of a car that we can roll over multiple times from every possible type of turnover.

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09-28-2006 - Enzo and Ford GT driftday.
Debbie and Daniel had the oppertunity to test the drifting abilities of the Enzo and Ford GT recently at the old El Toro marine base. These and other exotic cars are being used for the new film Redline and Debbie was out to get the feel of these and several other high end machines.

She did reverse 180s, spins and high speed drifts in both the Enzo, Ford GT and other cars being used in the film.

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09-28-2006 - New heat resistant jell
After years of study of exsisting fire safety used by stuntpeople Lane has began to develope a new fire resistant jell. Testing on bare skin and on Nomex nylon garments has exceeded expectations.

The heat resitant jell will not prevent burns but prolongs the time a stuntperson can be exposed to explosions, fire and heat.

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08-08-2006 - MTV Parental Controls
The MTV TV series Parental Controls came and used our production facility for a SuperHero flying date. The producers wanted a similar set-up to what we did for the You Want to be a Superhero pilot.

The quick half day shoot turned out to be perfect for the shows quick production scedule. The production utilized our winch systems to put both priciples up in the air at the same time.

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08-08-2006 - Daniel cast in TV series Criminal Minds.
Daniel and his aunt Donna Evans have been cast as the mom and son caught in a bank hold-up for the TV series Criminal Minds. In the seqence Daniel is shot by the bandits, while the action is cought on the banks security cameras.

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07-31-2006 - Vantage Point car crash
The ending of one of the car chases uses an interesting rear seat drive system for the safety of our stunt driver " Henry Kengie "

Henry drives from a back seat rig built by Mobile FX of Mexico and is stopped by a cable decellorator devised by Lane with the help Mexican Mobile FX crew.

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07-31-2006 - Vantage Point (Mexico)
Lane is working on the new Sony picture Vantage point in Mexico City. In the film we are doing two very big explosion scenes with multiple computer controlled ratchets. One explosion has 10 stuntpeople all run through a single computer firing system creating a perfectly time effect.

We are also doing a pipe rampless and canonless van turn over using our latest version of the revolutionary Carram pnumatic vehicle turnover system.

This unique system allows traffic around the turnover vehicle not possible with a cannon. Which has the danger of a pole bouncing down the street. Also unique to the shot, a ramp does not have to be hidden, making for a very real looking accident.

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07-31-2006 - So you want to be a superhero?
We had the oppertunity to create an action/stunt camp for Stan Lee's new TV series "So you want to be a Superhero." Stan is the creator of the X-Men and Spiderman comic book series and now has ventured into his own TV production. Where the creator of the best action super hero becomes his own comic book.

John Moio, one of Hollywood's best trainers and coordinators helped us put together an amazing stunt camp that included, fights, swords, trampoline and Russian swing training.

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07-31-2006 - The Dead Girl
Daniel had a great acting/stunt part in the upcoming feature film "The Dead Girl" He had the oppertunity to do a scene with the lead actress and then get pushed into a store display.

Daniel has not only been working on his stunt skills but has been attending acting classes and comedy improv.

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07-31-2006 - JackAss 2
Our exclusive Leavittator verticle jump system was used to great effect in the next JackAss feature film. We trained one of the cast members to ride the Leavittator and then he jumped out of holes and boxes in downtown LA in a devil suit. All to get a reaction from unsuspecting passerbys.

The brave citizens of LA for the most part thought the Gag was loads of fun!

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07-09-2006 - Superman
Watch for our own Debbie Evans who has a great part in the new Superman movie doubling Lex Luther's girlfriend. Shes driving in the vintage mustang which loses it's brakes.

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07-09-2006 - Drifting for Inside Stunts
Debbie and Lane are featured in an article in the upcoming Inside stunts magazine's introducing the sport of drifting to the stunt world.

Debbie was interviewed about her participation in the sport and the Fast and Furious movies. Lane talked about our Insta-Drift stunt driving system that makes it possible to drift cars not designed for the sport.

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07-07-2006 - 2006 US national youth trials championship
Daniel just returned from the US youth national trials championship in Tennesee where he was looking for his 3rd strait national title. The contest was a tough three-way competiton between Ryan Sandavol, Homer Hensley and Daniel, which went right down to the last day's contest. In the end, Ryan Sandival beat Daniel by the slimist of margins, winning the US 12 year old championship by one point. It was a great contest and a real cliffhanger finish. We would like to thank the organizers, Sherco motorcycles, Vitiminwater, Monty Perlin and Works performance for making our 2006 campain for the US title possible.

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02-11-2006 - Insta-Drift/ VitaminWater rolling stunt car fleet
We now have a fleet of two driftcars, one is this 1989 Nissan 240sx and the Debbie Evans.com 1991 model Nissan 240sx fastback. Our goal is to create rolling platforms to test new ideas and stunt driving techniques.

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01-18-2006 - Crash test Human TV series
Fall testing at the Miller Fall Protection Test Facility is one of the interesting spots for the new National Geographic TV series Crash Test Human . Lane had the opportunity to help pull together the human test drop on Miller's 30 foot fall test tower.

This high tech facility is specially designed to test harnesses and fall protection systems with computer readouts. The testing and technical data is state of the art and covers a vast range of technical development for fall protection information and innovation.

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11-18-2005 - Arnold Swartzenegger and Jackie Chan Anti-Piracy spot
In this spot: The Govenator and Jackie Chan ride bungee tilt rig Harleys built by Branum entertainment. Lane Leavitt coordinates.

For Lane, it was just like old times being with Arnold and his stunt-double Deiter. To say the least, Arnold had a fantastic time working in front of Camera again. Jackie was also having a great time, these two work really well together.

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07-18-2005 - Ford Commercials with Phil Mickelson and Chuck Norris
Golf champion Phil Mickelson, Tae Kwon Do legend/action star Chuck Norris, Hong Kong's hottest new action choreographer Ridley Tsui, Branam Enterprises and Amercian stunt coordinator Lane Leavitt teamed up for this high action Ford spot featuring Phil Mickelson fighting Chuck Norris and traveling in outer-space between Golf games.

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04-21-2005 - Debbie Evans appears at Disney World's new Extreme Stunts Show "Lights, Motors, Action!"
Disney's management invited Debbie to give a motivational talk to the stunt performers of "Lights, Motors, Action!" a new extreme stunts show imported from Euro-Disney. This gave Debbie and her family behind the scenes sneak peak of the new show.

"Lights, Motors, Action" features the technology developed with the help of Rémy Julienne and his world famous automotive and motorcycle stunt team. The show features some very unique and highly modified Opel automobiles and Gas Gas motorcycles.

Debbie's seminar included her demo reel, a short presentation, and an hour long question and answer session with Disney's stunt crew.

The stunt show also includes Herbie the Love Bug, and Debbie was introduced to the large pre-show audience in a fun cameo as the stunt-driver of Herbie Fully Loaded.

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