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Lane Leavitt

President of Leavittation, Inc.
E-mail: Leavittation@stuntrev.com

Over the last 25 years, Lane Leavitt has been redefining the stunt industry. His inventive new ways to do stunts has made them look bigger, safer, and more exciting than ever before.

As governor for the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Lane has helped bring about an Action Emmy, highlighting the value that quality action brings to a production.

His innovative work has come before the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences three times for Academy Award consideration.

Lane was formerly a professional competitive motorcycle trials rider for Bultaco motorcycles. His titles include being 3-Time US National Champion, 5 Time California Champion, 2 Time Oregon Champion, ISDE Team Member, 2 Time Motorcyclist Magazine All Star Team, and AMA Sportsman of the Year.

Lane Leavitt
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