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my collectives

Don't Call Us Tori
showcase of talented female singer_songwriters
i co-founded with shannon hurley


my dad invented all this stuff

Debbie Evans
my mom flips over cars for a living and does headstands on motorcycles _

Daniel Leavitt
my little brother _ give him a mtn. dew shake him up and then run!

i work for

Bill Young's Precision Driving Team
my day job _ Got Cars?

my associates

Nick Washburn - NWE Management
this guy has the midas touch for networking

Shannon Hurley
singer_songwriter reggae_rock_piano _ plus amazing person

Dave Tough - Real Life Music Production/Publishing
real music _ devoid of corporate devoitity

friend's pages

Richard Bruno
rich rocks _ bottom line

Freddy Bouciegues
stunt man _ martial artist

Nat Magnuson
extreme photographer

Cameron Morgan
he shreds like there's no tomorrow

Lisa Whitman
wicked smart!

Rose Arzate
top model and _ reportero de las noticias de la estrellas!

Mike Harvey
being all that he can be

other places to find me

be my friend _ my page on mySpace

my resume on Internet Movie Database

at Real Life Music Publishing
my page on Real Life MP

unsigned music artists that i believe in

Matt Heinecke
no, not Heineken _ Heinecke. Amazing folk / country guitarist,
songwriter, and singer _ guaranteed one day you will hear of him

Justin Catalino
saw this guy play a gig _ he gave me his
cd and i thought it was awesome

Corrinne May
inspirational music, voice like an angel

Colleen Grace
a must watch!
mezzo_pianist ala Tori _ Sarah McLaughlan

Michael Darby
sensitive folk music the chicks dig

Lara Janine
true pop talent _ broadway sensation

local connections

Martial Arts Fitness Center
are you lazy like me _ do you live in the SCV _
Freddy Bouciegues will help you kick your butt into shape

Stunt Kids
wannabe a stunt person _ and you're a kid _ or even a parent who has a kid _
go see Mike _ and say hi to Megan for me

good resources

a supurb who's who resource for the music business

the Internet Movie Database _ i'm in it, it must be good
the definitive resource for who's anybody in the movie biz

this is the best internet seach tool i've ever seen

for the bored movie fan

critics say: it stinks! _ great collection of
film reviews and information on movies

indie films at their all time best...and worst.

student film projects online


write me and say hi

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