Welcome to PICTURES. In these pictures you will probably find myself or someone like me. Enjoy.

Studmuffin Shots

Professional Headshot
August 2002.
Another angle Three-quarter shot
Self Portrait
August 2003.
Self Portrait
June 2003.
Self Portrait
Help me. I'm being abstract.

February 2005

Good friends Nick and Nat

January 2005

A Polariod from the set.

May 2004

Rose and me pre-show at the
World Stunt Awards
Backstage, its very important to get a shot
of me chowing down.

Mom and Dad on the Red Carpet. Rose and me on the Red Carpet. She meant to do that! Mom crashed a mustang through the stage for the
Stunt Awards show.

Mom and Dad at the after-party. All of us getting ready to ride in the Limo.

My mom and I get to work on the same show. She is driving an old station wagon. Mom gets to work with an old friend.

Vegas - Rich's new Kawasaki Ninja Nick's B-Day. Friends Nick Washburn,
Dave Tough, and myself.

March 2004

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Me dressed as a Ventura County Sheriff's Deputy for driving a police car on the new movie 'Hostage' with Bruce Willis. Step out of the car please. "You will learn to RESPECT MAH AUTHORITAIH!"

(V-Twin Debbie Evans TV Shoot)

Trials mom Mom rides her competition Sherco Bultaco. Like father, like son Dad and Daniel sitting on their trials bikes. Rebecca sits on her kid-sized trials bike.

Daniel jumps and does a one-footer just like a pro! Walking the section
Dad and Daniel
Climbing the step Daniel maneuvers his Beta 80.

Mother and daughter Mom riding along side Rebecca providing a great photo opp for the cameras. Monkey boy Daniel hanging upside down in the spotting belt. I'm a butterfly! Becca exclaims as Dad flies her on the flying rig!

February 2004

Valentine's Day Show at Westwood Brewing Company playin' keys. Valentines Day. Me with musician / songwriter Shannon Hurley at the Westwood Brewing Company. 'Lil Rockstar. My sister Rebecca strikes a pose.

January 2004

Clubbin.' Me partying on a Saturday night with my friend Kara who was visiting from San Francisco

Sign of the times. Wherehouse logo embossed on the window of one of their recently closed record stores. Happy birthday Dave. Musical cohorts Toni and Dave Greene hang with me in my studio. Long night arranging orchestra parts for Dave Greene's new song. Burr, its cold in here!

December 2003

Beautiful day at work. Basecamp of Taxi on a particularly gorgeous day Flattering self portrait. Downtown LA on Taxi. Bill Young cars lined up at LAX .
Payback can be a b*tch. Revenge taken on a coworker for putting vasaline on another coworkers car-door. Why won't the car start? Because the sparkplugs are pulled from the engine. Vasaline is also smothered on the door-handle. An eye for an eye.
Busted good. I'm glad they didn't do that to me. My Chauffer. My mom and I carpooled to work together on Taxi. At work she got to drive this BMW 725i with 22 inch rims. Mom prepares to jump a BMW 325. My mom wanted to take this car home. So did I.
Mom as a redhead. Doubles acress on Taxi . Good friends. My mom and her friend Christine Baur got to work together too. Boo. Stuntman Henry Kinjey posing as a street person. Christmas partying. Dave Greene and Toni Arthur at Toni's friends house.
Christmas Party. My friend Freddy Bouciegues and part of the Martial Arts Fitness Center family. Christmas Party. Joline, Jackie, Pat, Stan, and Stan's little cousin. He can't help it, he's Italian. Mike Deluca shows off his fancy new suit.
In the studio
co-producing with Dave Tough for his new album.
Good work Dave. Tracking drums at Steve Vai's Mothership Studios. Cameron Morgan warming up his chops.

November 2003

Matt Heinecke. Dinner at Pasta Grill after weeks of mixing work and photoshoot for Matt's EP Ghost. Snoozin on the way to Thanksgiving dinner. Goofy brother. My little brother Daniel being a goofball for the camera.

Excitement at Grandma's House.
The kids jump for joy over seeing Grandma for Thanksgiving.
Happy sister. She likes her Grandma's house. Family and friends after a nice Thanksgiving dinner, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Chauffers. Look at those crazy wigs! Pardon me,
do you have any Grey Pupon?
Matchbox cars, this is how we plan ahead visually for a car stunt sequence.

September - October 2003

(Computer Crash - Gone Completely Amish)

August 2003





May 2002
World Stunt Awards 2002

Me with Megan before Stunt Awards.
Rebecca and Mom before award show.

March 1999

I see dead-people. Marcella Jones and myself
after supporting roles in the production of
Flower's for Algernon.



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