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sound engineering projects


Jaime Wade performs I'm In Awe mp3 (right click and "save-as") 2001
Recorded live at an outdoor wedding in Malibu. Guitar / Vocal / Background Vocal / Djimbe
Mics were SM-58's running to the humble yet versitile Mackie 1604. Reverb comes from the
beautiful sounding Alesis Wedge. I used the pickup built into Jaime's Taylor guitar, which
was a very balanced instrument and needed little help. I did give it a little stereo spatialization.
Mix was amplified through a pair of EAW's. Recording is a direct stereo mixdown to dat.
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The Matt Heinecke Ghost EP (right click and "save-as") 2003
Producer Dave Tough teamed up with guitarist/vocalist Matt Heinecke to record a 5 song demo
of some of Matt's best recent work. Dave recorded the five songs, then asked me to mix and
master the disc. Mixing was done in Pro Tools, utilizing a Pro-Control 24 surface.

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Student Projects

Jonny Ill performs Hot mp3 (right click and "save-as") 2001
Jonny brought me this track as a basic drum machine track with some well mixed vocals, and
wanted to shoot a music video. It needed a little more. Taking the 2-channel mixdown, I then added
multiple layers to the mix, bass / keyboards / samples to spice it up a little. Later I did a little
EQing and enhanced the bass using a subharmonic maximizer plugin.

Lambs Among Wolves performs Hold Me Down mp3 (right click and "save-as") 2000
Brent Wheeler, the lead vocalist / songwriter for this project was a regular at Musician's Institute
in Hollywood where I attended recording classes. This mix was my final project for the last
semester. It has a unique, acoustically driven tilt to the mix - I liked the way the acoustic guitar
seemed to rock. The track was mixed on a Neve VX.

Destined performs I Believe in Jesus mp3 (right click and "save-as") 1999
A project began while I was in high school and not completed till 2 years later, destined was to
be a compilation of the songs our chapel band performed on a weekly basis at school.
I Believe in Jesus started out as a sequence in Cubase. With a basic scratch vocal track as
a guide, I miked all seven of us singing together with a stereo pair of CAD Equitek 3000's
positioned in a triangulated pattern. Live drums were overdubed, as were then guitars, and
finally bass. In case you are wondering, yes, that is an actual Fender Rhodes 88 I had the
honor of playing. Final mixes were done using 2 computers to sync the cubase material into
a SoundCraft console. Mastering was performed in Pro-Tools by Chris Jensen.


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